6 Key Tips on How to Mentally Prepare Yourself Before You Start College

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  • You want to appear for a licensing exam for medical students in the US, for which you have found a great USMLE preparation study program.

    That’s great news! The next thing on your agenda is to fly to the US and start living your dream.

    Your passport is ready, your bags are packed, and you are all set to start your study adventure abroad.

    Not so fast! Are you mentally prepared to experience a life that is about to come your way? Take a quick run-through of this mental preparation checklist to ensure that you are ready to take on what’s coming your way.

    1: Develop Responsible Independence

    In a place away from home, you are on your own. You parents are not going to be there to motivate you and help you make decisions with regards to your studies, food and finances. They are not going to be present to check on how you manage your time or stay away from destructive habits. You are an adult now and need to be responsible for yourself. Start developing this mindset and practice this transition of power often. Take ownership of your life and act responsibly, before you start college.

    2: Spend Time Chalking Out a Plan to Meet your Objectives

    You need to constantly keep in mind that you are studying abroad so that you are able to build a solid career foundation for yourself. Start identifying your goals and vigilantly keep a track of them. List down your objectives and behaviors that will support your progress. It is a good idea to write down the destructive behaviors that can keep you from achieving your goals. For example, if your goal is to achieve 260 in USMLE Step 1, you might write “partying with friends” as a reason that might stop you from achieving this goal.

    3: Make a Visit to the Campus

    Visit your campus and spend some time there get an idea of what to expect. Try to get contact information of students in your class and get acquainted with them. Find out the types of activities and clubs the college offers that you might be interested in. By making a visit to the campus, you get to know about the college atmosphere better than before.

    4: Commit To Time Management

    If fail to manage time well, you are bound to make college life difficult for you. The best way to manage time is by staying organized. If you find time management difficult, there are various digital tools and study planning apps online to help you. Creating a detailed study schedule that blocks the slots for homework, studying, classes, etc. will help you to stay organized. Spend a few minutes at the end of each day to plan for the next day.

    5: Be Open To Diversity

    Before you set foot on campus, be prepared to meet people from different economic, religious, racial, and cultural backgrounds. Don’t be judgmental; be open to accept unfamiliar information and flexible enough to thrive in such an environment.

    6: Prepare for Financial Stress

    Once you are in college, you surely will go through the financial stress of living independently. Paying for your own food, accommodation, gasoline, etc., becomes a reality. Therefore, before you attend college, prepare yourself to budget and keep a track of your expenses. Start practicing living on a shoe-string budget.

    Author Bio:
    Eric Brown is a standardized patient (SP) who lives in New York and advises NYCSPREP with their Clinical Skills course. He has a BA from a liberal arts college in the north east, where he majored in the tatrical arts and business (he credits the first for his ability to simulate real patients). He’s amassed years of experience as an SP and keeps up to date with CS exam expectations, trends and developments. When the Phillies are in town, Eric considers it his duty to support his home team. He won’t be seen without his trusty catcher’s mitt on these occasions, and prides himself on having caught more than one foul ball with it. If you have any questions about standardized CS exams or courses at NYCSPREP, email Eric at eric.brown@nycsprep.com or visit www.nycsprep.com

    Image Credit: Pixabay

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