Complete Guide to the Technicalities of Resume Writing

resume writing

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  • To get yourself a job or shortlisted for an interview you need to create a professional resume.

    The resume holds the information about the candidate in complete details.

    We often face a lot of apprehensions regarding what to put in an ideal resume and what not.

    Understanding the subject of resume writing will help you ascertain the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure that your CV grabs the attention of the employer.

    How to get the employer’s attention?

    A resume is a reflection of your capabilities and experiences. The most important part to keep in mind while writing your resume is to make it sound in a way that the reader clearly understands how your candidature is going to help them in the organization. So a single resume might not work for all the job interviews you will be sitting for. It is important to customize it separately for every job requirement.

    • Structuring –

      The first thing to consider is the framework of your resume. Explore resume samples available online to get an idea about how much information is needed to be presented. This would give you the perfect start to resume writing as the samples will help you outline the framework effectively.

    • Content –

      The next step in creating an effective resume is to understand the content which is needed to be given. A general understanding of the kind of work you are going to be involved if chosen is a precursor in designing or shaping the resume content.  

      If for example it is an interview for a technical job, then you would want to explain more about your educational backgrounds which makes you an appropriate fit for a technical job role. The process of resume writing must be directed in a way that the interview understands why your contribution will help catering to the job description better than the other candidates.

    • Writing –

      Once you are done with the above two stages, you should start writing the resume. Keep in mind while conducting resume writing that you need to be as expressive as possible without intriguing the reader. It is much like writing the preface in a novel as the first impression would decide if the reader will read further or not. Impressing the HR department with an impressive resume determines whether or not they will call you for an interview or not.  A poorly written error filled resume will perhaps simply be struck out at the very first juncture.

    Things to keep in mind

    Do not consider resume writing as an easy work. It is not about getting a sample downloaded from the web and putting your data inside it. Every individual is unique and so does their resume. Follow the steps given below in order to get an effective resume done.

    • Write all the information which is relevant and do not be modest about your achievements. If you feel, there is something that must mention in the resume then you must do it.
    • The resume must not be too lengthy or too short. Watch sample resumes for getting an idea about a standard resume length. Remember it is not about the quantity of words or pages but the quality of the content which will make your resume writing worth.
    • Try and match the keywords of the job description to your own resume as that is exactly what the employers look for.
    • Proofread it multiple times before you submit it. Get it checked by multiple people to test its quality.
    other valuable tips:

    The work of resume writing is your first step towards a fruitful potential career and hence you would like to only give your best. Research about resume writing ideas and tips from industrial experts and use them in your CV. As a trial you can also get the resume checked by your friends and elderly in family. Nothing can make you lose your potential job opportunity than a poorly presented resume so put your best feet forward while creating it.

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