What to do After College: 6 Careers to Consider in 2018

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  • It’s easy to get lost in the bubble that is college.

    To many, it seems like another world, one far from the reality of impending adulthood, where you have to think about rent, mortgages, building a family and, of course, your career.

    In our safe haven of lectures and seminars, where at worst you get a grade you think is far too harsh considering the coursework or examination you completed, it’s hard to think of life outside the college campus, but there comes a time when you need to start planning your future.

    How do you narrow down all the options open to you, though? With a large selection of jobs open to each individual, it can be overwhelming. There will be those lucky individuals who have known what they’ve wanted to be since they were little. However, there are others who have interests but do not necessarily know the path they should take. If you’re the latter, first and foremost, you must deliberate what it is that interests you – after all, if you love the English language, you won’t want to consider a career in the sciences.

    For those who still need a bit more inspiration, researching the jobs that are currently dominating the job market can also prove useful, especially if you’re interested in working in an in-demand profession. Without further ado, here are the top 6 careers to consider in 2018.

    Software Developer

    If you’re a creative individual who thrives in a technical environment, then training to become a software developer could be the ideal career move. For those who love to invent new technologies such as apps and who would enjoy shaping the design of different software, then this could be the profession for you.

    Every time you log into your bank account online or on your phone, or go on your social media profile, a software developer was behind the very platform you’re using. If you have many ideas but no way to unleash your creativity, well, the best software developers utilize their ingenuity to develop the latest technological innovations.

    Don’t software developers just sit at a desk all day, though? Not necessarily. A software developer’s duties are vast. For instance, they could be crafting a bespoke campaign for a client, writing up the entirely new code, or they could be maintaining existing code and checking for bugs and imperfections the very next day.

    While being a software developer does require intense amounts of concentration, Developers are usually natural problem solvers and incredibly analytical and imaginative. Software developers are also in high demand, with a 1.6% unemployment rate in the US, and a median salary of $100,080.


    While medicine as a whole is incredibly in demand, many people love to hone their skills into a niche area, and going into dentistry is becoming an increasingly popular decision. A dentist’s usual duties include cleaning teeth, checking them, extracting teeth and also fitting dentures and filling cavities; those who wish to specialize further can train to become serious oral surgeons who treat oral problems and diseases or straighten teeth.

    While many of us dread the dentist, the need for dental professionals is high. More people want cosmetic treatments on top of their usual dental check-ups, so the demand for dentists is growing and greatly reducing the unemployment rate. However, to become a dentist, there are great amounts of training to be had, so the decision to practice dentistry shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    Environmental Health and Safety Manager

    If you’d love to work with organizations and promote good working practices for employees within businesses, then a career in health and safety could be perfect. While there are many niches of health and safety to consider, becoming an environmental health and safety manager means you’re working with businesses to help them reduce carbon footprints and minimize environmental impact.

    Many health and safety professionals work for various government bodies. However, you can also work on a contract and freelance basis. The demand for environmental health and safety managers is on the rise, and it is expected to continue to rise due to the growing interest in saving the planet.

    For those who are environmentally-friendly, possess time management and problem-solving skills, and who would love to have a job that includes travel, looking for an occupation in the health and safety sector could be an ideal consideration.

    Usually, a person must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health, Safety Engineering or Occupational Health, but a person must also have five years related experience in environmental health and safety. They must also keep themselves knowledgeable in the field and attend ASSE Safety 2018, research current affairs and keep tabs on any changes in the industry. 


    When put simply, statisticians practice the science of using data when making decisions. Unlike another profession, statistics can be applied to a vast variety of professions, and so statisticians will collect the data they ask for, design experiments, analyze their findings and then report their conclusions to others. While this is very much considered a ‘behind the scenes’ job, it’s a vital profession which is greatly needed in the environmental, public health and safety, healthcare and sports professions.

    Ideal for the analytical minded, a career in statistics is for those who love to ask questions and then apply their answers once they’ve discovered them. Click here for a full job description.

    Fitness Trainer

    The fitness trend is still going strong, and with many people wanting to be strong rather than thin, more people are turning to the likes of personal and fitness trainers for advice on what machines they should use, how long should they exercise for and what they should eat. It’s estimated that the demand for fitness trainers will rise 8% by 2022.

    Usually, fitness and personal trainers can be found at the gym, and they charge an hourly rate, but there are numerous fitness trainers who can be hired outside of the gym environment for one-on-one classes. Therefore, this is great for those who effectively want to be their own boss, too.

    Unlike many of job professions listed above, to becoming a fitness trainer all you need is a high school diploma and lots of on the job training. However, many people will usually head to university to earn a degree in fitness, personal training, sports and wellness studies, and health services and physical education. Many trainers will also need to pass a certification test. Before you become a fitness trainer, make sure you understand the pros and cons of the job.

    Become an Entrepreneur

    It seems that nowadays everyone has a great idea. However, very few of us know how to turn an idea into a profitable reality. The good news is that today, many people can start their own business thanks to the digital age. Therefore, if you’re business-minded and genuinely have a product or service that’s going to sell, becoming an entrepreneur is no longer a pipedream for many.

    Usually, many entrepreneurs have taken degrees in business, marketing or equivalent. However, even if you’ve got a degree in health care, you can use your knowledge and apply it to your business endeavors. For instance, perhaps you’ve invented a new range of skincare or written a book that’s life-changing – you’re knowledgeable in the field, so you can use this knowledge when promoting. However, you may need to hire the services of a marketing team and design a website to induce sales.

    Like all career choices though, you need to think about becoming an entrepreneur thoroughly. Starting your own business requires funding, an in-depth business plan and the ability to sell whatever it is you’re selling. Unlike other careers, there is no fallback, and if your business fails to take off, it could spell financial ruin.

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