How Homeschooling Can Set Your Kids up for Educational Success

how homeschooling can set your kids up

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  • Homeschooling used to be viewed as a fallback option if kids did not perform well in public school.

    Now, however, that perception has reversed.

    Homeschooling can provide children with an above-average education.

    Especially with the way public school is going these days and the direction it is headed. Here are reasons why more parents are considering a homeschool education for their children.

    Individual Learning Support

    In public schools, a child can feel lost and will not get much personal guidance with classroom lessons. Alternately, homeschooling is beneficial for students who need extra support or help.

    Homeschooling programs are generally based on one-to-one instruction or small group learning. Students also receive detailed explanations of classwork and homework. When you have full creative control over what your children are learning, you can give them all the attention they need.

    In public schools, there are simply too many students to have an individualized experience. This can halt learning and make it difficult for children to connect with subjects studied in school.

    Curriculum Options

    There are many kinds of homeschool curricula to choose from. Some emphasize certain subjects where students might be struggling, such as math, writing, or science while also covering all required subject matter. Parents choose an age-based program they feel is best for their children.

    The curriculum must teach the state-required subjects to meet specific learning outcomes. Curricula can be selected that excludes content that is objectionable to family beliefs and values as long as the material meets state instructional requirements.

    This is another area that is important to consider, as the federal government and the Department of Education will shove propaganda and misinformation down childrens’ throats if at all possible. When you are personally educating your children, you have complete control over what they are learning.

    Well-Rounded Teaching Strategies

    Many homeschooling parents have earned college degrees or are proficient in a core subject that kids must learn, like math, science, or English. Homeschooled groups of kids often rotate among local families to be taught by parents with an academic skill.

    Parent-instructors can utilize personal experience from their jobs or life skills as an added instructional advantage for homeschooled students to make learning even more realistic and applicable.

    Experiential learning is another strategy that homeschooling students may participate in that reinforces textbook concepts. For example, homeschooled students are sometimes able to put into practice the lessons they are learning, such as visiting the supermarket to shop on a budget.

    Outside of a tightly organized class structure, homeschooled students often have the flexibility to take nature walks or to conduct at-home experiments that are not possible in larger public-school classrooms. No public schools teach anything about budgeting and money management, therefore, homeschooling offers you an option in this regard.

    Money management skills are incredibly important to learn as a young child. After all, you have to do deal with money constantly throughout life, so being prepared to do so is of the utmost importance.

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    Flexible Scheduling

    Parents who work night shift or students who are more alert in the afternoons rather than mornings appreciate the option of scheduling flexible classes.

    As long as the weekly learning objectives are met, homeschooled students may be able to work for two or three longer days per week or several afternoons instead of five structured weekdays. Saturday instruction might be another option.

    Homeschooling offers you this and more options than you could ever hope to have available to you in a public school setting. American public schools are inferior to homeschooling.

    If these characteristics are appealing, homeschooling might be the program of choice for your family. Contact the board of education or your state’s department of education for more information about this educational option.

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