How to Choose The Right Topic for Your Research

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  • Finding the right topic for your research is the most crucial choice you have to make. In colleges, most students are told by professors to make a topic on their own.

    Since some students are only used to following instructions, they are left confused during this phase of the thesis project.

    In order to properly decide the right topic for your research, you need to make sure that the following is done:


    Don’t just settle with the ideas you found online or in other forms of media. You need to brainstorm it with other people. Brainstorming requires you to gather data from your groupmates, or with teachers and other students (if you’re conducting the research yourself). To present better ideas during brainstorming, think about the following factors:

    • Look at recent news and other stories that can pique your interest
    • See if the general topic has affected you personally
    • Relate the topic to the current situation of your country
    • Check a part of the topic needed to be researched
    • See if you’re interested in learning it

    Following the said steps, you can eventually find the best topic that suits you and your research project.

    Gather Information

    Read encyclopedias about your desired topic. Reading about the topic’s gist and fun facts can provide you more information about it, which will be useful as you progress through your research. Also, you need to gather information to broaden your perspective on the topic and discuss it more clearly. Aside from encyclopedias, you can also scan magazines, newspapers and other research materials related to your topic.

    Collect Very Important Terms and Words

    As you gather information for your topic, jot down important terms, especially those which you think will play a huge role in your research. Narrow and broad terms must be collected as they can help you understand the intensity of your topic.

    Modify the Title, but Focus on the Same Idea

    Modification of the research title is not uncommon. Researchers usually do this when the title is rendered uninteresting or irrelevant. So having a topic is not enough; you must be able to put it down in words that are easy to understand and can create a great impact. If you think you’re original title won’t be able to pass during the research panel interview, then you can just try modifying it instead of completely changing the topic.Custom writing at can help you when it comes to topic modification.

    Know the Purpose for Your Research

    Before you proceed on your research, you need to make sure that you understand its significance. Do you think your research results will be able to address a problem in the society? Will it be able to answer a question that’s long been unanswered? If your research topic will lead you to no significant result, then it’s better if you change it.


    Choosing a topic will dictate what you will do for the rest of your research. Some people spend more time looking for one than doing the actual research. However, if you know beforehand what problem you wish to address or question you want to answer, then it’ll be nothing but easy.

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