How To Clear Your Head For Successful Studying

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  • Every student wishes to get high scores in their term papers. However, with so much going on in college, it is not surprising that most students do not fare well. If you want to improve your grades, you need to take your studies seriously. Here are some effective studying tips that will help you improve your academic performance:

    Time Management

    For each subject you enroll for, you will be required to spend at least 8-12 hours of studying independently every week. Your time commitment will increase when preparing for your assignment and when revising for your exams.

    Have a study timetable that evenly allocates time for each subject and assignments. This will reduce pressure on studying and help you decide the amount of time you need to do other activities. Below are some tips that will help you:

    • Know what you want to achieve from each study period i.e. each study task you are to do within the allocated time.
    • Organize your study timetable to include 10 minutes breaks in-between a 50-minutes study period.
    • Allocate your time in a realistic way. For example, do not plan to study at night when you know your concentration is better early in the morning.

    Concentration Levels

    Studying needs hard work and you will therefore require to eat a balanced diet and take enough rest. The following will help you improve your concentration:

    • Taking Breaks: This will help you stay attentive. Stand and stretch or even walk around. You can also have a glass of water or take a few deep breaths to help you relax.
    • Be active when Studying:  Take notes, speak out the key points, create mind maps or explain new points to the other person with you in the room. It is also good to come up with songs or rhymes that will help you remember sequences and facts.
    • Have the right frame of mind: If you feel tired when studying, take a quick walk or get fresh air to help clear your head before you continue.

    Amount to Read

    It’s quite challenging for college students to know the amount of reading they require. Reading should be more than having a lot of words passing before your eyes. Mastering a topic by doing a lot of reading will not improve your understanding. There are a number of tactics you can apply to help you read fast and also remember what you read. Some tactics include:

    • Review:  Start a habit of reviewing what you’ve read (notes or assignments) immediately after the study period. This will help you grasp the subject matter and retain information.
    • Highlight points: When reading a lot of material, digest what you can understand. You can try highlighting or underlining the key words and concepts to help you understand.
    • Skimming: Read to get the main ideas instead of struggling to remember all the unimportant examples and information. This reading method is sufficient when you’re pre-reading for lectures, preparing for tutorial discussions or seeing if the content you are using is relevant for your research.
    • Scan information: Read to get the specific information you need. Read briefly through the introduction and conclusion, capture the headings and go through the first sentences of the main paragraph (frequently the topic sentence) or any diagrams and charts in the text to get the leading themes.

    Create a Suitable Study Space

    It is both physical and psychologically necessary to have a dedicated workspace for studying. Find a place that is quiet and cool to use as your study space. Always have the required study materials on your desk. Your study workplace should be solely dedicated to studying so that it will be easy to settle down and concentrate in each study session.

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    Ryan Ayers is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education. In this article, he offers study tips to college students and aims to encourage further study with a UC Behavior Analysis Masters.

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