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How To Improve Your Handwriting

improve your handwriting

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  • Handwriting is very trendy right now.

    Instagram is full of handwriting accounts and even runs a Rock Your Handwriting challenge to help you learn how to improve your handwriting.

    If your class notes, scrawled poems, and analog day planner are useless because of your illegible letters, here are some pointers to help you write something you can read.


    Handwriting uses muscles from the shoulder to the forearm, and keeping your arm in the proper position helps prevent cramping. Find a comfortable grip (not a death grip!) on your pen, keep your wrist loose, and use your elbow as a fulcrum to allow the forearm to move the hand across the page.

    The power for the movement comes from your shoulder, traveling through your elbow to guide the hand. Doing it all with your wrist can cause your hand to cramp up. Sit up straight and relax your shoulders.

    Practice writing on a level desk or table, and use graph paper or an old school penmanship workbook to keep your lines straight.

    If you journal, take it slow, and regard your journaling time as handwriting practice time, too. Every unhurried moment of writing is a chance to practice your penmanship.

    Form letters properly

    Review how to properly form letters with a penmanship workbook that has directional guides for each letter.

    Remember that when you read your writing, you tend to identify letters by their tops, so be sure to form the tops of letters carefully and close them fully.

    As you practice, start big and gradually reduce the size of your letters. Try not to let your letters get tangled up or squished together.

    Lower case letters should be the same size, and uppercase letters should be the same height as letters with ascenders that rise above the midline of your writing, as is the case with tall letters like “T,” “K,” and “L.” Similarly, lowercase letters with descenders, like “p” “q” and “y” shouldn’t dip down so far that they interfere with letters on the line below.

    When you’ve got your loops and lines down, and your posture and position feel comfortable, try a little air writing. Draw your letters in the air in front of you to involve your arm muscles straight from the shoulder.

    Choose a pen that suits you

    Left-handed writers suffer the indignity of smudges if they use a pen that has slow-drying ink. If you’re a lefty, choose a pen with ink that dries quickly.

    There are many choices, from ballpoint to rollerball to fountain pens, and each has merit. Fountain pens and rollerballs have surged in popularity as journalers discover the elegant glide a quality pen can provide.

    other valuable tips:

    Slant the paper

    Keeping the paper at a 45˚ angle, with the higher corner on the same side as the dominant writing hand, will help keep your writing consistent. It will also help you give your cursive just the right amount of a slant.

    If you practice with a penmanship workbook or copy styles you admire on Instagram, soon your writing will be elegant, consistent, and above all, legible.

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