5 Ways to Make Studying More Productive

make studying productive

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  • Have you ever found yourself studying and noticed you’ve been staring at the same page for the past hour?

    This can sometimes be the case when you’re losing concentration, becoming easily distracted or simply getting bored of studying.

    If it often feels like nothing is sticking and you’re wasting time when you’re studying, then you may need to make some adjustments to your routine.

    This might mean finding more effective ways to get the most out of your study sessions and trying something new.  This article is going to give you a hand by exploring five ways that you can make studying more productive.

    Get a Study Partner

    At times, all you need to have a great study session is someone who’s there to motivate you. In light of this, you should consider finding a study partner. Ideally, finding someone who is studying the same course as you may be beneficial as you can go over assignments or exam topics together. You’ll also likely both have similar schedules and there’s less likelihood of one person having a class when another is ready to study.

    Some other benefits of getting a study partner are that you can learn new study methods, share resources, help with assignments, and help one another with time management. Another bonus is that you can teach one another, which is a way of ensuring that you understand the subject matter in-depth. Overall, getting a partner that you can study with is likely to benefit the both of you.

    It is also worth thinking about joining a study group if you can find one for similar reasons. When you have a study buddy, you’re also more accountable which could help increase productivity as well.

    Keep Refreshments Around You

    Keeping yourself hydrated and well-fed is key when you’re studying. You should, therefore, stack up on the right snacks and drinks to keep you going while your head is stuck in the books. It is important to note that some snacks can be counterproductive regarding giving you the energy boost you need while studying. On that note, you should stick to snacks that keep you awake as well as ones that make you feel alive.

    Some foods you could think about eating while you study include wholegrains as they contain glucose which gives your brain energy, walnuts and flaxseed as they have omega-3 fatty acids which help your brain function and reduce the likeliness of attention deficit, or coldwater fish as it consists of amino acids which promote proper brain chemical levels. To be more specific, you could make banana dog bites, Mason jar hummus and veggies, apple sandwiches with almond butter and granola, roasted chickpeas, chocolate avocado pudding, or peanut butter honey yogurt dip with apples.

    Eating three square meals a day is also imperative so that you’re healthy and whole.  Seeing as you’re likely very busy, doing a meal plan once a week and then grocery shopping on the weekend might help you eat healthier and avoid the junk food.

    Take Regular Breaks

    While studying, learning to take breaks is a must. It might seem as though taking a break means fifteen minutes less of study time, but you could be gaining fifteen minutes of productivity by taking one. Taking a break can help you make better use of your time and avoid burning out.

    In case you’re wondering how often you should take a break while studying, it is advisable that you do so every fifty to ninety minutes. Apparently, the average American’s attention span is only eight seconds, so studying for hours on end without a break may be counterproductive and a waste of valuable time. You should also consider experimenting to figure out how long you can concentrate and stick with whatever breaks work for you.

    Regarding the length of the break, you could consider doing so for 15-20 minutes. You could also try taking a five-minute break for every fifteen minutes that you work or a 17-minute break every 52 minutes. Whatever the case, give your brain a chance to rest and start a refresh again every so often.

    Change Positions Often

    Moving around is critical when you’re studying for long periods of time so that blood can freely flow around your body. A failure to do so could have negative impacts on your health over time. Some examples are increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and excess fat around your waist. To avoid this, for every thirty consecutive minutes of sitting, you should stand or move around for five minutes at a brisk pace.

    If you’re working on a laptop, you should think about getting a tall standing desk converter which enables you to move between sitting and standing in seconds if you’re working form a laptop or desktop. You could also try going outside to get some fresh air during breaks instead of sitting at your desk. The objective is to keep your body moving while you’re studying so that you stay both healthy and productive.

    Create a Timetable

    You may find that while studying, you’re jumping from one subject to another. After a few hours of doing this, you may also discover that nothing that you’ve reviewed has stuck. This may be because multitasking while studying can sometimes be ineffective. It, therefore, may be better to focus on one topic at a time and make sure you’ve mastered it before moving on to another. You can do this by creating a timetable for studying. This should outline exactly what you should be reviewing and when to avoid wasted time due to a lack of focus.

    Getting through college isn’t an easy accomplishment. It often takes years of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work to attain the level of success you hope for. However, by learning how to make the most of your time, you may find that you can enjoy the many experiences that college has to offer outside of studying. By learning to study more productively, it’s also likely that you’ll learn to work smart as well as hard which is an invaluable skill.

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