Med School: 4 Programs that Help Students Get into the Job Market

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  • Medical school gives you the knowledge that you need to practice medicine.

    Now you’re left with the task of finding a job so that you can utilize your skills.

    Here are some of the programs that are available that can help you enter the job market.

    Internship Opportunities

    Completing an internship is a good opportunity to get your foot in the door. You can use your valuable skills and develop a network to help you with your job search. It can also be a way for you to figure out what segment of the medical field that you want to enter. Consider it a testing ground so that you can figure out your specialty. Some medical school programs will match you with internships to help you gain more experience in the field.

    Medical Fellowship Projects

    Grants and fellowship opportunities are plentiful in the medical industry. There are so many various medical research programs for students that you’re sure to find something that will spark your interest. Medical research can occur on campus or even through other types of companies. Speak to your professors if you need assistance selecting a program that will be a good fit for you. They may be able to give you guidance and write a recommendation letter to help you get into the program of your choice.

    Resident Matching Programs

    The most common program to match up medical students is through the residency matching program. This is where you interview with hospitals and other programs and then rank your top choices. The hospitals will also rank their top choice for candidates. When a match is found for both sides, you’re notified of your match and that will be where you can complete your residency program. You’re a doctor who now also has a place of employment.

    Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program

    For those candidates that don’t find a match through the residency matching program, there is the SOAP program. It stands for Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program. It helps to fill any vacancies at other residency programs and gives you a second chance to match up. This assistance is more commonly needed if you didn’t want to consider enough programs when you filled out your match sheet. It may also be necessary if you’re trying to get into a high demand field of medicine.

    There are other programs that you may to look into to help you secure employment after medical school. Use your networking skills so that you’re sure to find something that’s a good fit.

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