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How to Stay Safe When You Go to College

Are you starting college soon or have you recently started a college course? This should be the most exciting and enjoyable time of your life. However, things do go wrong for some students and you need to reduce the likelihood of anything bad happening while you’re a student. Below are some tips that will help […]

Accident at College: What To Do?

College is supposed to be all about dreams, aspirations, fun times and new friends. Without doubt that makes up a vast majority of your college time, however just like everything else in life, college life has it’s up and downs. When we’re ready to set out to college all we can envisage is a blank […]

Safety Tips for Entering the College World

Entering the college world can be both exciting and scary. As a student, you’re responsible for a number of different things that you didn’t really have to consider in elementary and high school. You are personally responsible for getting yourself to class, organizing your time, managing your money and keeping yourself safe. That last one […]