Accident at College: What To Do?

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  • College is supposed to be all about dreams, aspirations, fun times and new friends. Without doubt that makes up a vast majority of your college time, however just like everything else in life, college life has it’s up and downs.

    When we’re ready to set out to college all we can envisage is a blank canvas, a place where we can finally express ourselves, somewhere we can be true to ourselves. We can choose our social groups, we can choose our classes, our housemates, and finally life gives us the opportunity to flourish in our own right.

    Everything is rosy, until it’s not. Unfortunately for all budding students out there the statistics of accidents at college are shooting through the roof. Your time spent at college is fast becoming one of the most dangerous periods of your life. This is partly down to a lack of health and safety protocol, however, it could also be argued that the vast majority of accidents stem from students not behaving to the level that would be expected. Drunken antics, bravado and playing up to the crowd is a recipe for disaster, so don’t get dragged down to that level.

    If, however, you are involved in an accident at college it’s important for you to be educated in how best to deal with it. Many people are ill informed in such a scenario and there’s nothing worse than panicking where everybody around you requires someone to come to the forefront with a clear head, and a clear system in which to deal with the issue at hand. Let that person be you.

    So if you’re unfortunate enough to be caught up in an accident, be sure to know the protocol. Read on in our simple guide and you’ll be much better informed should the unthinkable occur to you or near you:


    The first thing to do if you are either involved in an accident at college or if you witness an accident at college is to check the medical status of everyone involved. First and foremost, check yourself. If that’s ok, check everyone else and make a mental note of any and all serious injuries.


    After checking the status of the parties involved it’s time to involve the police. Call them calmly and explain briefly what happened, don’t go into too many details and explain all the injuries involved. Discuss whether you need to summon the medical services, or whether they can do it on your behalf.

    Document everything

    If you’re directly involved in the accident, whether it’s through any fault of your own or not, document everything. Specific times, dates, the names and contact details of all parties involved. Mention the weather, any witness and a chronological recollection of exactly what occurred. Don’t forget even the smallest of details, things that you assume you couldn’t forget can easily be forgotten due to the emotions involved when an accident has occurred. Be exceptionally diligent in recording the details. If you’re armed with a smartphone, take pictures and/or videos too.


    You’ve spoken to the police, ambulance and checked that everyone is ok, now it’s time to inform the college. Don’t panic, college administration is more often than not hugely helpful and sympathetic to all situations that occur within their grounds. 
    Call them, inform them of the protocol you have so far followed and be sure to note down anything else that they require from you.


    If you’re worried about any potential legal ramifications it’s time to speak to your attorney. After dealing with all pressing issues, it’s now time to call your attorney and tell them candidly everything that happened. They’ll advise you as to how exactly to deal with the police, college and insurance companies as and when you need to chat to them


    If any damage has been done to any person or their property you must make sure to call your insurance company, failure to do so can void any policies. Speak to them calmly and clearly and inform them an incident has occurred, everything else you can deal with the next day.

    So that’s it folks. Keeping a calm demeanor when everyone else around you is losing theirs is a sure fire way to get things moving. If things have gone seriously wrong, remember you can always call your lawyer, whether that’s an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney or a family attorney, just make sure you know who to call.

    If you can remain calm and run through the requisite protocols you’ll be well on your way to saving the day. So remember, stay calm and stick to the plan. Good luck.

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