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Six Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Your College Scholarship

A scholarship is a huge benefit to many students, and qualifying for one can be an amazing feeling. However, it’s important to remember that losing your scholarship is possible if you aren’t careful. Here are some mistakes you’ll need to avoid if you want to make sure those funds keep coming. Missing the Deadline to […]

The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

There is no doubt that studying abroad can be a rich and rewarding experience – an experience that you will never forget. But, of course, like any major decision, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many aspects to consider before taking that big step. What, then, should you know when considering studying abroad? The […]

How to Conserve Living Space in College

Going to college is a fun time whether you’re a teenager or an adult. If you’re living in a dorm, then you might face a few challenges as there is a smaller living space. However, if you follow a few simple tips, you can have plenty of space for clothes, shoes and all of the […]

10 Time Management Tips to Become a Better Employee

If you want to progress in your career, or are overall just want to become a better employee to help benefit your business, then time management is a skill that when taken on correctly and with continual application, can significantly help you to achieve that. Understanding the areas in which you are already struggling is […]

How to Build Your Leadership Skills During College

There is a popular saying that “leaders start early”. What it means is that to be a good leader one should start early as leadership is not often an innate ability and needs to be developed over the years. If you are in college, it is the right time to harness those leadership skills which […]

Looking for a College Job? Some Factors to Consider.

Heading off to college is about a lot of things. One of those things is learning to work. Many college freshmen get their first paying jobs while in school, and that early professional experience is often crucial in creating the successful career-person they’ll become. Be careful, though. Not all jobs are helpful, educational, lucrative, or […]