Saving for College: Tricks to Get a Better Deal on Tuition

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  • The cost of higher education has not decreased in recent years, and it looks as though rising tuition is a trend that will continue. Saving up money for college is possible, but many young people and their families don’t have the luxury to save up such a large sum.

    Instead of scrounging for funds in the months before college starts, you can try these techniques to receive a better price on the tuition and help keep your expenses down those first few semesters.

    Work at College

    When you are trying to help your children fund their college tuition, consider taking on a position at a college. Whether you work as a professor or an administrative assistant, you will likely receive a discount. Usually, you need to wait a specified period of time before you can start to receive discounts. You should check the details before you sign up for the position. For example, you want to make sure that the benefits are also for your children, not just for you.

    Earn a Scholarship

    If you are the student who plans to enroll in college, you can decrease the amount of tuition by earning a scholarship. Doing your best to earn the highest grades possible in high school and on standardized exams can help you to procure a sizable academic scholarship. As you are researching colleges and universities in which you are interested, make sure to find out what type of scholarship opportunities are available and know what grades and scores you need in order to qualify. On top of writing a good admissions essay and getting good scores, look into private scholarship opportunities. If you receive enough of these, you can cut the cost of your college tuition much more. There is everything from athletic to community service type scholarships you can apply for. Speak to your guidance counselor or academic advisor about these options.

    Work on Campus

    When you apply for financial aid, you can generally state if you are interested in working on campus. While you may want to see what the college experience is like before you jump into a job, taking on at least a few hours each week at the library or resource center can help to reduce the cost of your tuition. The school might immediately apply your paycheck to your tuition bill, or you might receive the cash, which you can then put toward paying classes.

    Other Financial Aid Opportunities

    You can also look into grants and other sources of funding. If you come from a community with a low socioeconomic standing, you may want to find out if the school offers any special sort of funding. In some cases, the only option is to take out a loan. You can take out loans from the government but you may also want to look into a loan from your bank or credit union. Comparing the interest rates and the amount of money available is wise when you are seeking to take out a loan. This way you can work to ensure you have the lowest possible amount to pay back at the end of your college career.

    These methods can help you to attend the college of your dreams and to procure a desirable career without having to go into debt. Use some common saving tactics as well as looking into other funding options as you prepare for college tuition expenses.

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