10 Time Management Tips to Become a Better Employee

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  • If you want to progress in your career, or are overall just want to become a better employee to help benefit your business, then time management is a skill that when taken on correctly and with continual application, can significantly help you to achieve that.

    Understanding the areas in which you are already struggling is a step that cannot be missed when you’re hoping to improve, and once you’ve figured it out, you will then be able to take on the following tips and adapt them into your working style.

    Begin by assessing how effectively you already manage your time at work. Are you constantly turning up late to meetings? Do you find yourself missing important deadlines? Or maybe you simply struggle to take on multiple tasks simultaneously. Try taking an online test to assess your time management first -here you will be able to get a professional opinion by answering a selection of questions and, as long as you give honest responses, you will be left with a much greater outlook on how you operate.

    From here, take a look into the following 10 tips and see how perfecting the skill of time management can lead you into becoming a better employee.

    Start off Simple

    If you’ve approached a busy time at work, starting yourself off with the most difficult task will only add to your stress. Although it may seem idealistic to get it over and done with, if you’re already feeling the pressure of the workload you’ve been presented with, you’re more likely going to make mistakes and waste time worrying about it. Take on the simple tasks first and that way, you will have an easier start into your workload and you can clearly evaluate how much time you are going to need to spend on the remainder of the project.

    Ask for Help

    Wanting to be fully responsible for the successful completion of a task can often mean that you find yourself rushed for time, as the large quantity of work can be a lot for just one person to take on. If ever you find yourself struggling for either time or ideas, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask one of your colleagues to help you get it completed.

    Break it Down

    Precious hours can be lost when you dive straight in and attempt to get everything done all at once, as you can easily get lost in its enormity. Assessing it beforehand and breaking it down into individual stages will not only help to organise the job, but it will allow you to manage your time more effectively as you are removing the stress by getting everything done one bit at a time.

    Don’t be Afraid to Say “No”

    It’s natural to want to help out your colleagues when they need your help or just want to socialise, but if you have something you need to be focusing on, then don’t feel inclined to have to say yes to them. Taking on tasks you don’t have time for wont make you a better employee, as you’re more likely going to miss your deadlines.

    Delegate Tasks

    If you want to free up your time, try delegating less important tasks to other employees within the business. As long as you are confident that they can be trusted to get on with it and complete it at a high standard, it will relieve you of the pressure and provide you with more time to get on with more pressing projects.

    Don’t be Disturbed

    Studies have shown that the average employee will have to put up with around 56 interruptions a day. When interrupted, your focus is going to be withdrawn from the task and your time is going to become increasingly delayed. Try taking yourself out of busy environments and find somewhere where distractions can’t get to you.

    Stay Away from Social Media

    Once you log yourself into social media, you’ll soon find that an hour has gone by because of your endless scrolling to find all the latest updates and news, and you suddenly have little time left to complete your work. Save the social checks for when you’re on your break and that way, you’ll be using your time much more efficiently.

    Create a ‘To Do List’

    Coming up with a detailed list that outlines all of the tasks ahead will allow you to stay in control of your schedule and plan out what needs to be done and when. By knowing what lies ahead, you’ll be able to start off your day feeling much more organised and prepared, which is key when it comes to time management.

    Don’t Multi-Task if You Can’t Handle It

    Multi-tasking in our everyday lives is an effective way to get things done simultaneously, but often, when it comes to work, it can be detrimental. Taking on two (or more) tasks at a time means that we are going to be less focussed on them and mistakes are even easier to make. This means that in the long run, time will have been wasted and we’ll to have to find even more time to resolve the issues. Work on the basis of one task at a time and you’ll be able to raise the standard of effort and become a much better employee.

    Set Yourself Reminders

    One of the key reasons we often miss deadlines, meetings and events is because we end up forgetting about them completely. If you struggle to keep track of the time when you’re working, make use of the calendar function on your desktop or smartphone and input all of your important dates in there. That way, reminders can be sent to you 15-30 minutes before and you can make sure nothing goes unmissed.

    Time management really is essential if you want to become a better employee, so don’t disregard it and instead ensure that you stay on top of it. By taking these tips and working them into your everyday life, you’ll soon find that your work will be of a much higher quality and your stress levels will significantly reduce.

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