High Salary, Low Stress: Today’s Most Coveted Career Choices

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  • Not everyone gets up at 8AM and gets home by 5PM. We all think our jobs are stressful.

    But, some people actually love their career. Here are some jobs that are difficult to escape — and that’s exactly why the people working them love it.

    The Chocolate Consultant

    This may very well be one of the coolest jobs out there. If you love chocolate, that is. There are many different types of chocolate consultants. From people that work with high street brands and liaise directly with the company’s outlets to people who work in niche industries, there are all types.

    So, what does a chocolate consultant do? They do tastings, of course. They make sure that the chocolate from a company is “up to snuff” for a particular market or venue. They travel the world, or at least the country. And, they interact with wholesalers and customers alike.

    Professional Trader

    Your job is to make money from the stock market. How cool is that? While it can be a stressful job, many professional traders have learned how to take the edge off by sticking to regular trading hours. And, some people who take the Tim Sykes challenge end up making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year — just by clicking a few buttons on their keyboard for a couple of hours a day.

    Pro Beer Taster

    This one isn’t for everyone, but if you love beer, and you could stand to drink every day, then many breweries may be interested in your taste buds. Smaller and larger breweries want to have their quality checked before the beer goes on sale. And, in order to thrive in this job, you need to have an adept palate. No, you won’t be drinking six pints of ale on a Friday night. Your job will be to sip the beer, and judge it on a variety of factors, make notes, and answer to a boss who wants your report on his desk by Monday morning.

    Sound like a buzzkill? Maybe for some. But, think about this: you drink beer for a living.

    LEGO Sculptor

    Every kid wants this job. And, some adults never really grow up. So, it’s a perfect match. Who hasn’t thought, at some point in their life, they wanted to be a LEGO sculptor? For some people, it becomes more than just a kid-obsession.

    LEGO has numerous certified professionals who work with the company to create sets and models. These models then become play sets that kids will put together.

    They work on very tight budgets, and competition is fierce. Estimates vary as to how many there are in the world. But, it isn’t a lot — between 9 and 30 sculptors. The latest one to get a job was 23-year-old Andrew Johnson so submitted his clever video. He competed in a hard core three-round build off, beating out 45 other people.

    Shark Tank Cleaner

    OK, maybe this one isn’t so glamorous. However, if you love the idea of swimming with the fishies, then cleaning a fish tank full of sharks might be right up your alley. Yes, you need to swim with real sharks, and you get to clean their tank. If you’re lucky enough to snag this job, you at least get protection in the form of chainmail or tear-proof clothing and a cage to work in. Or, at least, that’s what they put on the job description.

    Professional Sleeper

    Hard to imagine a tougher job than this, right? If you’re addicted to the snooze button, then a job as a professional sleeper might be for you. Believe it or not, you can get paid to put on your P.J.s and catch some Zs. Usually, professional sleepers are ones participating in university studies on sleep or dreams. But, others make sure that the beds are comfy.

    In 2009, women were paid to sleep as part of a “living art” exhibition at The New Museum of Contemporary Art.

    Jacob Mellor works as a careers education counselor and has been working with high school and college students for several years. His career focused articles appear on a range of websites.

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