Why Waste Management and Reduction Should Be Integrated into Any Business Degree

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  • For several decades the need to reduce waste has been a huge concern to governments around the world and in an effort to promote safe handling and reduction of waste, these same governments began writing legislation to deal with issues that had long been ignored.

    In more recent times, governments are providing incentive to companies that make strides in waste reduction and as a result, it has come to the attention of many business owners that there is something to be said for the entire concept.

    Some companies are taking steps to provide entry level Six Sigma White Belt training to promote an awareness of how waste impacts their company and to offer beginning strategies beneficial to their industry. Also, many colleges and universities have added waste management to their business curriculum. Here are some reasons why waste management and reduction should be integrated into any business degree.

    Productivity and Profitability

    By streamlining procedures and eliminating a high percentage of waste, businesses proportionately increase productivity which then results in higher profits. When studying for a degree in Business Administration, profitability is a key focus and one that relies heavily on increased productivity. Any degree within any area of business curriculum should mandate some form of waste management training.

    Safe Handling and Storage Reduces Liability

    Falling back to the idea that businesses need to realize a profit, business courses will talk about the importance of carrying insurance. If a company uses any type of hazardous material in the course of their production, it is essential to train workers and management in the safe handling, distribution and elimination of hazardous waste. If your employees are certified in the safe management and reduction of hazardous waste materials, you will probably qualify for the necessary liability insurance and may even get a reduction in your premiums.

    Focus on Reducing Environmental Impact

    It is already totally obvious that there is irrevocable damage to the ecology due to toxic waste and extreme CO2 emissions. Not only should today’s business be conscientious about protecting the highly delicate balance of the environment for future generations, but from a business perspective, it pays to go green. Consumers will have more respect for environmentally conscientious companies and the government has offered a number of incentives to those companies who go above and beyond in waste management and reduction. All the way around it just pays to reduce waste along with the impact that waste has on the environment.

    Getting a degree in Business Administration can ensure you a bright future with a company willing to pay top dollar for new talent. Any school offering any level of degree or certification within the field of business and business administration should, then, place special emphasis on waste management. It is important to the government, for sure, but waste management and reduction is also integral to the success of your company. With a stronger focus on eliminating waste, you can expect your profitability to increase accordingly. Encouraging new graduates to focus on waste management can keep your company up to date on current processes and help you make more money as a result. That, in the end, is why waste management and reduction should be integrated into any business degree.

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