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Sharing Cleaning Duties with a Roommate

Living together with roommates can be a combination of fun and stressful experiences. From movie nights, inside jokes and parties to the more unwelcoming side of the deal such as handling the unpleasant chores that come with the territory. One simple way you can avoid confrontation and the passive aggressiveness is to discuss chores with […]

Busy Parent? Get Your Degree Online

For busy students, online degree programs are sent from above. They allow you to attend college, get a degree, and maintain your work and home lives at the same time. Online courses are especially convenient if you’ve just had a new baby. Bonding with your baby is your top priority, but getting a degree could […]

Natural Ways To Deal With Your Stress In College

A college student’s life can be exciting and fulfilling. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a more seasoned student, college life will force you to learn to juggle academics, work, socialization and recreation with the inevitable stress that comes with college. However, by dealing with stress in healthy ways, you will notice an improvement in […]

Is it Possible to Be a Good Pet Owner While in College?

Being a full-time college student demands you keep a busy schedule throughout the week. A typical day on campus may see you getting up at the crack of dawn to attend classes, and coming home late at night after working a part-time job or attending club or sporting events.  Despite the hectic pace of your […]

Studying Abroad? Avoid These 5 Big Mistakes Students Make

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for you to combine education with valuable life experiences. Now that the internet makes global information access available with just a few key taps, you can prepare yourself for the best international study experience. But students do run into some problems because of frequently made mistakes. Below are five […]

Car Maintenance Tips Every College Commuter Should Know

Modern vehicles are much more reliable than many cars made in the past. While it used to be rare for automobiles to stay on the road for much past 100,000 miles, today’s cars routinely make it to the 200,000 mile mark and often last much longer. But even modern vehicles need regular maintenance to keep […]

4 Smart Ways to Use Your Smartphone in College

If you don’t like the idea of lugging a laptop around campus but you’re not nuts about buying a tablet either, think about purchasing a top-of-the-line smartphone instead. Tablet sales have declined in recent years; even the mighty iPads aren’t selling so briskly, as How-To Geek reports. And while they aren’t going to entirely knock […]