Is it Possible to Be a Good Pet Owner While in College?

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  • Being a full-time college student demands you keep a busy schedule throughout the week. A typical day on campus may see you getting up at the crack of dawn to attend classes, and coming home late at night after working a part-time job or attending club or sporting events. 

    Despite the hectic pace of your day, you may wonder if you could fit a pet into your already busy schedule. You and other college students can be successful and responsible pet owners by following these important tips.

    Choose a Pet-Friendly Residence

    If you live on-campus in a dormitory or residence hall, chances are, the university strictly forbids you to own a pet. However, if you live off-campus, you may own a pet if your landlord and lease allow it. 

    Before you rush out and adopt a cat, dog, or bring your pet from home, you should check with your landlord and pay any pet deposit that might be required.

    Choose the Right Size Pet

    If you live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, you probably don’t want to adopt a large pet like a St. Bernard or German Shepherd. Instead, look for a pet that fits the size of your residence. A small dog or a cat may suit you if you live in a compact apartment or home.

    Take Care of Your Pet’s Health

    An important part of pet ownership calls for you to take your pet to the veterinarian every year for a check-up and possibly more often if your cat or dog develops an illness or injury. You should set aside money from your paycheck or financial aid award to cover any expenses billed by the vet’s office. Many places like Morinville vet clinic also offer insurance you can apply for and use to help cover your pet’s medical expenses.

    Spend Time with Your Pet

    Your hectic college schedule should not negate your obligation to spend time with your pet. Cats, dogs, and other animal companions thrive on interacting with their owners. You should make it a point to spend at least an hour, if not longer, with your pet so they feel secure and help avoid adopting negative behaviors like wetting inside your home, or tearing up your furniture, draperies, and other household fixtures.

    Even as a busy college student, you can still be a responsible pet owner. These tips can help you care for and enjoy your pet while you attend university.

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