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how schools can improve their sports programs

How Schools Can Improve Their Sports Programs

Sports are an integral part of your school’s curriculum, and it is an area that should get neglected. Most schools prioritize academics, forgetting that there are students who can make a living out of sports. How do you improve your sports program? The following article gives you vital tips on how to achieve an efficient […]

home maintenance tips

Basic Home Maintenance Tips for Your First Off-Campus Home

College is a time for learning new things. Most of this learning takes place in the classroom. However, if you’re living in off-campus housing, there’s another aspect of your education experience that you can learn about: home maintenance. Sure, if you’re renting off-campus, you can always call the landlord. However, that’s often an unpredictable scenario. […]

best types of furniture for a college dorm room

Best Types of Furniture for a College Dorm Room

Trying to figure out what to bring with you to your new dorm room isn’t the hardest thing about going off to college, but it’s certainly one of the more stressful ones. What will I need? What will I have room for? What will the college provide? Well, we can ease some of your worries […]

how to save money at the grocery store

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Sacrificing Health

Did you know that around 10 percent of most incomes go directly into groceries? Obviously, it’s important to feed yourself and make sure you’re getting a properly balanced diet. But more often than not, those grocery expenses go straight to processed, sugar-laden, greasy junk food that does nothing for anyone’s health. If you’re on a […]

tips for choosing a car for college

Tips for Choosing a Car for College

It’s all set. You passed your admissions test and sent off your applications, and several colleges said “yes.” Now all that’s left to do is to wait till orientation day. But how will you get there? You need wheels, but as a brand-new college student, you might not know the first thing about car buying. […]

college student bucket list skills

3 Bucket List Skills To Learn on Your Next Break

School or work breaks are the best time for lounging in the sun (or on the couch), hitting the road for trips and checking off a few bucket list items. While you’re on your next vacation or week off, start chipping away at one or more of the following bucket list skills. Learn a Language […]

how to afford a college apartment

How to Afford an Apartment in College: 7 Crucial Tips

When you’re in college, you want to have the entire college experience. You want to have the sporting events, parties, all-nighters studying, and friendships that last a lifetime. You might think that you have to live in a dorm to get the full college experience, or that it costs more to rent an apartment. That’s […]

common car-hits-bike scenario

The Most Common Car-Hits-Bike Scenarios

As more people come to appreciate the health and environmental benefits of bicycling, drivers are giving it at least some begrudging respect. But don’t assume this means cyclists are necessarily safer. Both drivers and cyclists need to remain alert to coexist. Watch out for the most common car-hits-bike scenarios so that you don’t become another […]

easy meals for college student

4 Easy Meals for Busy College Students

When you’re in college, the most important thing on your mind is graduating with great grades. After all, you want to get a great job and create a great life for yourself. However, when you’re in the trenches of late-night study sessions and long lectures, you still have to consider the fact that you need […]