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mobile app development

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch For in 2020

Trying to successfully manage your finances while attending college can often be quite difficult. Smartphones are developing pretty fast, and the next big technology thing is almost always related to mobile phone development. In parallel with improving phone features and capabilities, the race among companies continues with new mobile app development trends. The last decade […]

Is Your Software Ready for College?

These days, when you are getting ready to go to college, it’s all about technology. Long gone are the days of taking only a pen and a pad of paper to class. Now, everyone is bringing their laptops, tablets, and cell phones while looking for the best way to retain the onslaught of knowledge so […]

keep tidy at college

How to Keep Tidy as a Busy University Student

When you are attending college, you may not have much time, but you must still have a tidy apartment or residence hall room. Here are some of the ways to keep your place clean and functional despite having a busy schedule.   Get Rid of Clutter Avoid having a lot of clutter in your residence […]

job interview best outfits

Job Interview 101: Best Outfits for Different Industries

Your job interview is coming up and you have no idea what to wear? Don’t panic because we’re here to help you out! Here are four best job interview outfits appropriate for different industries, so keep on reading, check them out, and get down to business right away! Business casual for a career in marketing […]

stay physically active in college

Cycling as a Fun Way to Stay Physically Active While in College

College is often titled as the best time of your life. You’re finally independent, you’re figuring out life as an adult, you’re making new friends, and you’re learning all about the things you love. Getting your life in order through college seems like an excellent idea on paper, too. In reality, this is also the […]

successfully succeed in college

How to Successfully Succeed in College

College life can be challenging to some students, especially for those who have pressure to achieve outstanding academic performance. While the main reason one joins college is to acquire academic skills, the experience does not have to be a struggle. When approached appropriately, college life can be a fun adventure. In this article, I will […]

reduce college stress

Meditate Your Stress Away: Tips to Reduce College Stress

Almost half or 45% of college students seek counseling sessions due to the stress. College years are a time when students experience an increase in stressful events including keeping up with their academic workload, being away from their family for the first time, working to support themselves, maintaining intimate and social relationships, and keeping themselves […]