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tips for furnishing your first apartment

Tips for Furnishing Your First Apartment

Those last two years in college are a dream. You’re finally out of the dorms or other university- sponsored housing and into the real-life housing market. You get to search for, tour, and lease your very own apartment! Once you find your dream (or “good enough”) apartment, you’ll need to furnish it. Dissimilar to the […]

tips for returning to campus after winter break

Tips for Returning To Campus After Winter Break

Winter break is a time meant for relaxation after a taxing first semester. Many students are now itching to get back on campus after a long month away from friends and their college lifestyle. While returning to school is exciting, it’s easy to fall into bad habits that can make your upcoming semester difficult. Check […]

students should check their emails

It Is Important That Students Check Their Emails Often

If you are a student, you probably don’t check your emails as often as it is recommended. Without knowing it, you might be missing out on significant opportunities. Read on to find out more. Why Emails Are Important No matter if you are a student or a member of the working class, having an active […]

good energy-boosters for students

Good Energy-Boosters for Students

Whether they’re studying for quizzes, doing homework, or sitting in class, students need the right amount of energy to get through the day. For this reason, it’s not rare for students to turn to energy drinks to boost their focus. However, there are much healthier ways to do this. To help you boost your focus […]

ways college students can soup up their cars

4 Easy Ways College Students Can Soup Up Their Cars

As a college student, your car is an extension of your personality. Not only have you put the time into finding the right car to fit your needs, but you also have the ability to set it up to be exactly how you like. Whether you’ve got a hand-me-down from your family or just bought […]

create lasting memories

Ways to Create Lasting Memories While in School

You’re making a major investment in your life when you enroll in college. Considering the financial cost and the time you’re spending — it makes sense you want something to show for it besides a degree. With so much importance riding on your success in school, it’s not the time for you to go wild. […]

essential school supplies

Essential Supplies for a Successful College Semester

You’ve made it through the fall semester, the holiday season, and the craziness that was 2020. With all that behind you, it’s time to tackle whatever 2021 brings. Whether you’re rounding out your freshman year or graduating this semester, the key to a great spring is great supplies. As you relax and unwind over winter […]

mental illness and stress

How College Students Can Cope with Mental Illness and Stress

College students have always struggled with mental stress and anxiety. Graduating from high school, usually in a family-based setting, and transitioning to a college program, even if still living at home, requires major adjustments. Some students are not ready at first for the pressures of college and earning top grades to ensure a good job […]

college decorating tips

Decorating Tips for Your College Apartment

There are few things more thrilling than the idea of your own apartment. You’re away from home, have a space that’s not attached to the school, and you can do whatever you want with your surroundings. It’s exciting, that is, until you realize that rugs are eighty dollars and having your own space is both […]