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overcoming college fear

5 Tips For Overcoming Fear During Your Academic Career

The transition to college can be difficult for some people. With an unfamiliar environment, a new set of classmates, and a demanding course load, the occasion marks a trying time that incoming students may find stressful. However, proper preparation and understanding could help with the anxiety. Potential Challenges for Incoming Students Though a university education […]

best cars for college students

The Best Cars for a College Student

Having a car on campus can be a big help to students, especially students at larger universities that rely on bus systems to get around. Bringing your own car gives you the freedom to explore beyond your college town on the weekends and travel to class on your own time without having to worry about […]

college fad diets

Dangers of Falling Into Fad Diets in College

University students and weight gain stereotypes have gone together for quite a long time. In the U.S., many new students struggle with the “Freshman 15,” a label describing how easy it is to put on extra weight in school when you’re surrounded by food constantly. Gaining weight in college can also be a problem due […]

easy dorm room recipes

Easy Dorm Room Recipes for Back to School

Going back to college for another semester is exciting, but it also makes every student wonder what they’ll eat every day. Even if you get an on-campus meal plan, you’ll likely make quite a few meals in your dorm room. Some nights you won’t be able to take a study break to walk to the […]

treatments for mesothelioma

3 Treatments for Mesothelioma

For many people, going to the doctor provides peace of mind that their bodies are in good health, and they are doing what they can to ensure longevity and quality of life. However, just one appointment can change that sense of peace. If you end up with a life-threatening or terminal illness diagnosis, it can […]

hydration dos and don'ts

Hydration Dos and Don’ts for Athletes

Coaches and online fitness gurus are always exhorting athletes and followers to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, they don’t often say much about how much or what you should drink, or when. Both too little fluid and too much can be life-threatening. Hydration dos and don’ts for athletes apply to professionals, school athletes, and weekend warriors alike. […]

eating disorders

4 Things Every College Student Should Know About Eating Disorders

Even under the best of circumstances, student life on a college campus can be difficult and stressful. The burden of classes, reading assignments, presentations, exams, extracurricular activities, and social engagements can become much heavier if one is dealing with an eating disorder as well. Many students struggle to eat healthily during the college years, and […]

live healthy in college

Great Ways to Live Healthy in College

College is hectic. You are required to study hard and lay the foundation for your adult life. It is also exciting, what with all the parties and emerging issues. It can all be so overwhelming that you forget to take care of your health. Your health and wellbeing are your life’s biggest priorities, and nothing […]