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health insurance options

Young and Uninsured? Here Are Some Options

Health insurance is a tricky subject, no matter your age. However, it can be particularly stressful for young people. Until the age of 26, most young adults qualify as dependents on their parent’s health insurance plans. However, on the day of their 26th birthday, they’re automatically dropped and left to find insurance for themselves—something many […]

perfect house to rent

How to Find the Perfect House to Rent

Students who have experienced dormitory life may be wary of returning to campus in the fall and sharing tight spaces with dozens or even hundreds of other students. Colleges know this, and they’re taking precautions and coming up with protocols to ensure students can return to campus and still observe safe social distancing. Students who […]

choosing right college roommate

5 Tips on Choosing the Right College Roommate for You

The worst roommate anecdotes always start with random assignments. If you have no say in who you live with, you’re bound to end up with horror stories. Yet getting to choose your own roommates means big responsibility. How can you know if you’re picking the right person? Here are 5 tips to help you settle […]

best dating apps

Best Dating Apps For College Students

College is the best time of your life for many reasons. This is the period when you discover what life actually is and what all adventures await you. As well as that, this is when you start figuring out who you are as a person and experimenting with new ideas and things. Dating is definitely […]

home automation

How Home Automation Can Make Your Studies Infinitely Easier

Are you thinking about adding home automation to your property? Home automation provides a lot of benefits and it could even help you with your studies. It can improve productivity, boost performance and ensure that you get the most out of studying. In this article, you can discover how this works and why you should […]

enhance your education experience

Phones That Can Enhance Your Education Experience

Heading off to college? It’s an exciting time, one that will see you experience true independence for the first time and make some incredible memories. There’s a lot to look forward to, but there are also a lot of preparations to be done before you set off for your freshman year. One thing to put […]

first car while in college

How to Take Care of Your First Car

Many people get their first car in high school or college. A tried-and-true tradition of the American people is to save up for your car by working side jobs, creating a budget, and finding that perfect, correctly priced car. Most people’s first cars are used cars, which take a little more upkeep than brand-new cars […]

dental health

How College Students Can Protect Their Dental Health

The college years represent a time when most people are in their best health. While you might be in prime shape, you should know that tooth decay can begin to increase around this age. These strategies are essential to implement in your late teen and young adult years to ensure that your teeth are still […]