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Six Health Checks to Look at Before Moving to College

Moving to a college campus is an exciting and new stage of life for many students. However, it also exposes these young adults to a whole new level of self-care and independence. Some will even have to seek out medical attention themselves in case of illness or injury. Many new college students will have never […]

How To Choose The Best Occupational Therapy Assistant Schools

Occupational therapy assistant schools and the universities in the United States provide various certified programs to students who are keen to pursue the process of occupational therapy to assist the various certification programs. Occupational therapy assistants assist populace to build up and recover their gone skills, either as a result of injury, or due to […]

How Important Are Internships?

If you’re a college student preparing to eventually kick off your career, you’ll need more than a great GPA, resume, and reference letters to set yourself apart from the competition. With the fierce competition for good jobs, you’ll also need at least one internship under your belt. According to the InternMatch 2014 Intern Report, in […]

Top Reasons Why You Missed Your Last Job Offer!

Your resume was well-drafted and got you the interview. You might have appeared for a couple of rounds of interview and met a number of people in the organization with a positive hope of being one of them. Everything seems to be on track but after the last interview you do not hear from the […]

Second Career Opportunities That Are Highly Lucrative

Starting a second career is nowadays much more common than what many think. You go to college and you prepare for the hurdles that are ahead of you. Midway through the classes or even after you finish and you do the job for some years, you may realize that this is not your calling. The […]

10 Body Language Tips for Your College Interview

When it comes to college interviews, a high grade point average will only get you so far. Of course, interviewers will factor your grades into the equation before deciding whether or not you make the cut. But being brainy won’t be enough if your college interview doesn’t go well. Statistics actually show that body language […]

Roommate Refresh: Tricks to Make Apartment Life Harmonious

Living with roommates can be a tricky business. Without laying down some ground rules, friendships can suffer and the living situation can get quite awkward. Don’t leave your living arrangements to chance or good luck though, you can proactively make roommate living easier. Here are a few ways to make the transition easier, and keep […]

Paperless Classroom – Pros & Cons of Online Education

As with any highly contended issue, the argument of online versus traditional education has merits on both sides. So what is really the best option for your child’s education? Well, it’s probably best to take a look at the pros and cons of online education and to decide for yourself whether a paperless classroom is […]

Five of the Easiest Ways to Save Money During College

This fall, many students will be on their own financially for the first time at college. The biggest physical and psychological stress factor for freshmen college students is money problems. Here are five great ways to save money easily. Live off of Campus Live off campus with roommates and split living costs. Living on campus […]