Top Reasons Why You Missed Your Last Job Offer!

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  • Your resume was well-drafted and got you the interview.

    You might have appeared for a couple of rounds of interview and met a number of people in the organization with a positive hope of being one of them.

    Everything seems to be on track but after the last interview you do not hear from the employer.

    You send them a follow-up email and get a rejection in return. Why? When everything fell into place then why did you miss your last offer?

    There can be a number of reasons for the same. Some of them in your control and some beyond your control. The ones that are out of your control, you can do nothing about them, but the ones that are in your control, you should know and definitely do something about it.

    First, throwing some light on reasons that are beyond your control so you should not feel bad:

    Someone Got Hired Internally

    Hiring someone working in the same organization is like a no risk factor for the hiring manager over someone who is completely new. These people have a strong reference inside and it is pretty difficult to compete as a there is a factor of known trust. Secondly, the organization has to invest minimal time on their training and can hit the ground earlier than anyone new they hire. Also, internal hiring is a way to motivate the employees for something new and better.

    Someone Used Their Network More Effectively

    With two people having similar experience and qualification, the one with the reference gets hired more easily than the one having no reference. The prime reason for the same is that the person with the reference is considered as a lower risk.

    The Mysterious “Chemistry” Factor

    The mysterious chemistry factor plays an important role in determining who gets hired. To simplify, you can say that it is how much you were liked by interviewers. For some reason they did not seem to connect well with you during the interview. Since working with or for them requires a connection, you seem to lose on this part.

    The Opportunity Did Not Last

    There are chances that the opportunity you ha interviewed for did not last due to some internal reasons of the organization. This could be a delayed offer chance but for the moment kills your expectations. Some of the organizational issues could be:

    • Reorganizing or restructuring the staff
    • Reassigning responsibilities
    • Management decided a new direction
    • Or something else

    These reasons are beyond your control and you can hardly do anything about them. Additionally, there are reasons that you did not get the offer that are under your control.

    These include:

    Use Your Network More Efficiently

    An internal reference can make the deal for you. So before you are interviewing for a post, try and look out people from your network who can refer you for the post. Internal references have twice the more chances of getting hired than an unknown interviewee.

    Poor Interview Preparation

    An interview requires you to have proper preparation. Without that it is difficult to get noticed in the eyes of the interviewers. A number of things can wrong in an interview; arriving late, improper dressing, lack of concentration, poor communication skills and speaking ill about your previous employer are all mistakes that can happen when you walk in for an interview unprepared.

    For a successful interview practice session, have mock interviews with friends or family. This will help you settle your nerves and enhance your performance during an interview. Keep stories and examples ready and bring them out at appropriate timings.

    You Could Not Generate Interest

    The employers or the hiring manager should firmly believe you that you are really interested to take the responsibility belonging to this role. If you fail to do so, they pick you as a lack of interest case and reject you.

    Make sure you have a well-prepared answer to the interview question “What do you know about us?” Next, make sure you have questions to put up to the employer.

    Also, prepare your answers well a number of stories that talk about your accomplishments

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