Five of the Easiest Ways to Save Money During College

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  • This fall, many students will be on their own financially for the first time at college. The biggest physical and psychological stress factor for freshmen college students is money problems. Here are five great ways to save money easily.

    Live off of Campus

    Live off campus with roommates and split living costs. Living on campus costs money in the long run with interest attached to it. Splitting rent and bills is a great way to get by and make great friends. Just be picky during the roommate selection, or the saving’s plan could backfire.

    Start Cooking at Home

    Use the Internet and roommates to learn how to cook. There are a lot of great recipes for shoestring budgets. Eating out, even at fast food places, is becoming very expensive. Make culinary arts part of your learning experience.

    Ditch the Car and Get a Bicycle

    People under the age of 25, like college students, pay a fortune in car insurance premiums and are considered high risk. There will be emergency costs for breakdowns, and others costs for students legally switching their car over if college is in a different state. A bicycle carries none of those headaches, and they also fit nicely on the front of mass transit buses. It’s important to obey all traffic laws, however, and be extra attentive around campus. Accidents can happen when pedestrians, cyclists and drivers clog the roads. Be sure to talk to Boise bicycle accident lawyers if you get injured. Overall, biking is a great choice for many students because it not only saves money, it could also save time and allow for a quick workout too.

    Get Rid of Cable TV and Maybe Even the Entire Television

    A television is a luxury item, and cable companies are known for sniping first year students. A laptop or tablet with an Internet connection can do everything and more, including video games. It’s much cheaper than paying an outrageous cable bill.

    Go out on Rare Occasions

    Going out to parties and spending money on things you don’t need tends to happen. It does not have to happen constantly though. Go out rarely. You can find many opportunities to socialize that don’t cost a fortune. If you do go out with friends, consider getting dessert instead of dinner, which can cost much more.

    These are all great ways to save money and become more independent. There are some people who will live it up at college because their parents will cover everything, but the real world does not function like this. College is an initiation into adulthood, and learning how to save, stretch and improvise with money is an important lesson, and it is something to be proud of.

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