Sharing Cleaning Duties with a Roommate

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  • Living together with roommates can be a combination of fun and stressful experiences. From movie nights, inside jokes and parties to the more unwelcoming side of the deal such as handling the unpleasant chores that come with the territory. One simple way you can avoid confrontation and the passive aggressiveness is to discuss chores with your roommates before you get into it and your new home.

    There are a few ideas you can use to make your split of household duties a reality:

    Discussing the chores

    Calling a roommate meeting one night to talk about the chores is a good beginning. It may seem like a lame first step, but it will go a long way toward making a difference. Decide what chores will need work and you can purchase cleaning supplies that will make the job of house cleaning easier around your apartment or home. To make the job easier for you, you should make a list of chores that needs to cover sweeping, vacuuming, kitchen cleaning, dusting, dishwashing, upholstery cleaning, as well as fridge cleaning, and taking out the trash, window washing and more.

    Dividing the chores

    You likely have chores you will absolutely abhor doing, which means that your roommate will also possess chores they will hate as well. Create a list of the chores you enjoy, as well as the ones you hate and you don’t mind. If you hate vacuuming, but your roommate doesn’t mind, then you will need to let them do that. If you need to do it you can take turns working on it. Scrubbing and cleaning the toilet may not be the best of choices and fun times, so you may need to alternate it too or volunteer for it. You can also do this randomly to keep hard feelings to a minimum.

    Making a chart or a calendar

    Using a wall calendar to write down the duties or to create a chart that will help list all your roommate names and what their next chore needs to be. This will help keep the confusion down to a minimum and you will have a chance to rotate the cleaning chores every month or so. This is the way to avoid getting stuck doing the same chore for the entirety of your lease length.

    Working on buying supplies

    Dividing the costs of your supplies evenly among the roommates would include items such as trash bags, all purpose cleaners and dishwashing detergents. Discussing how much each of your roommates is willing to spend on supplies, you may have a lot or you may have very little to work with.

    Different preferences

    You should consider remembering that vacuuming doesn’t always mean that your roommate will feel that vacuum lines are necessary. You can do this in such a way or not, all depending on the preferences of each individual and what that works like. If you need to you will have to remind your roommates about the job they need to handle as well.

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