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6 Tips to Stay Focused in College

College is an exciting time. You make new friends and explore the town your college is in. There are many activities and options for things to do on campus as well. It’s also normally the first time you’re out on your own, which means you don’t have your parents there making sure you’re getting your […]

Reasons Why College Graduates Can’t Get a Job

The on- going globalization has played an important part in bringing changes in the job market. However, even with these changes, many college graduates who graduate from colleges still find it increasingly difficult to get a rewarding job. During my research, I asked them to do essay for me in order to find out the […]

How Online Freelancing Can Benefit Your College Lifestyle

College can be a great opportunity to grow as an individual while learning a skill that can help you in later careers. However, it can also be an expensive venture without the proper financing. Many students often drop courses or leave college altogether because they simply can’t afford the education while paying for living expenses. […]

5 Tips for Effective Mobile Marketing in 2016

With the ever increased use of mobiles and internet, mobile marketers have to be extremely aware and active to be successful in their field. There are many advantages of marketing through mobiles. Some of them include cutting down of costs, the ease of monitoring and tracking, customization according to the requirements of the potential customers, […]

Pledge Week: Fraternities You Definitely Want to Steer Clear Of

Greek organizations have been welcomed at universities for decades. Many schools view their Greek life fraternities and sororities as an important part of their campus culture and many of these organizations are held in such high esteem and respected for their societal connections. As reported by USA Today in 2012, 85 percent of all Fortune […]

How to Get a Student Visa in the U.S.

Why do they call America the home of the brave? Perhaps it is because you have to be very brave if you are going to try to get a student visa in this country. It is not that it can’t happen. But as you might imagine, there are a number of hoops to jump through […]

College Housing Choices: The Benefits of Living Off Campus

As a first-time or returning college student, you have two basic choices about your housing. You can either opt to live in the dorms, or you can get your own place off-campus. The benefits of the latter option can give you an academic experience that’s more enjoyable and fulfilling. More Money in Your Pocket Many […]

How Much Money Can I Earn If I Study Marketing at University?

Naturally everyone wants to know how much they could end up earning on their chosen field. We live in a very expensive world so money is always going to be an important consideration. What you need to remember is that marketing courses are extremely popular so you need to be pretty invested in marketing itself, […]