Reasons Why College Graduates Can’t Get a Job

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  • The on- going globalization has played an important part in bringing changes in the job market. However, even with these changes, many college graduates who graduate from colleges still find it increasingly difficult to get a rewarding job. During my research, I asked them to do essay for me in order to find out the reasons why college graduates find it more and more difficult to get a rewarding job in the United States. Four main causes were identified that will be discussed in this paper.

    First: Gone Are The Days

    First there has been Gone are the days when only the rich and elite were able to predominantly access education world over. College is more affordable nowadays and more students from all circles of life have the opportunity to attend college in order to secure a good job. This has resulted in more college graduates, thereby limiting the number of jobs available on the market. The effect of this trend is that having a degree alone does not guarantee getting you a good job graduates need to have something more than just a degree to get them their first job after college.

    Second: Lack of Job Experience

    The other reason is lack of job experience. This means that college graduates should not make the grave mistake of assuming a degree alone will qualify them for a good job. They should therefore not look now on jobs that come their way on the basis of feeling that such jobs are beneath them. They should take such jobs as intern so as to attain the necessary experience that would help them qualify for beater jobs in future.

    Third: Lack of Skills

    Lack of skills is also a good reason that may hinder college students from securing a job. In today’s world employers are not only looking on the papers but a competent person who has skills in their area of specialty. For example a computer programmer who has a first division in their certificates can hardly get a job while a skilled programmer who can make code can easily be absorbed in the job market.

    When college graduates are called for interviews, they should understand that employers are first looking for practically skilled individuals over papers. Students should therefore work on being skilled and good in their craft

    Fourth: Lack of Networking

    Lack of networking also contributes to this problem. It is much easier for an employer to hire an intern who has been working in a company for some time than a new candidate. The employer would easily trust the intern employee over the new candidate and the new candidate will most likely get the job. College students should understand the power of being referred for a particular position. This means that they should have a good reputation such as being a hard worker which makes people who worked with you to be happy to refer you.

    Statistics shows that many people have gotten their jobs through referrals. Word of mouth is a very effective way of getting a job because it eliminates the worry of whether the person being referred for the job can really do the job. Students should spend a lot of time networking at college and making friends so that they would easily contact you incases of new job opportunities that may have passed your awareness.

    These are the four main reasons why college graduates can’t get a job and the measures that students should take to overcome those barriers.

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