Moving Checklist for Off-To-College

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  • Getting hyped for the move to college? It must be a source of great excitement, yes. But such an even can bring some anxiety as well. Even if you have found the right flat to rent or dorm room to spend the college days in, the stress of the relocation can still get to you and you need to find a way to deal with it.

    The best way to do it is to be organized. A good organization will bring security to your mind and you will feel much better when you know that everything is planned out and all you need to do is think about what comes next. And for a good organization, you need a good moving checklist. And here is one that will help you best:

    1 Month Prior to the Move

    • The number one priority is to pick a date for the relocation. It would be best if it is not just a day before college starts. If you are moving to a different town, then you will need some time to adapt, so make it a day or two prior to that.
    • Take a sheet of paper and pen down everything that you will be taking with you. If you know where you will be staying, make sure that everything fits. A standard dorm room probably won’t be able to fit all your belongings, so write down only essentials first and add only space-appropriate items.
    • Research the internet options in the new place. Schedule an installation date if you will need to call a provider.
    • Gather some boxes for the move. It is never too early to get packing supplies.
    • Pack non-essentials from the list you made.
    • Research moving companies. You probably won’t need a full removal service, so just browse through companies with good man and van deals – they will suffice for a small removal.
    • Call the moving company you picked, hear out offers, request a free quote and schedule a date for your move.

    1-2 Weeks Prior to the Move

    • Get a cleaning kit. Yes, you read that correctly. Mum won’t be around anymore to clean your messes, so you will need to learn to do it yourself and you need the proper tools. Get a microfiber cloth, a hand vacuum, a mop, and as many wipes as you can and you will be mostly covered.
    • Start the serious part of the packing. Start packing essentials, but only things you don’t use too often.
    • Check in with your movers to confirm the moving date.
    • Have a going away party with the friends. With the beginning of college, who knows when you’ll have time for them again.

    1 Day Prior to the Move

    • Pack all the rest of your items.
    • Call to confirm the move again with the moving company.
    • Call the service providers for the flat or dorm and make sure they will set everything up once you get there.

    And all is left for you is wait for the removal van to appear on the horizon. It is time you left the family nest and started on your journey through the hardships of life, starting with the lessons college provides. And not necessarily in the classrooms.

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