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Moving Checklist for Moving to College

Going to college means needing to stay organized on a lot of levels, but this will be a good reason to prepare you for what comes ahead. The following examples will provide you with more information on what is needed to start moving. The examples ahead will provide you with a lot more information so […]

Helping Others While Helping Yourself

There is no doubt that there are more and more immigrants coming to Canada than before. For some its wanting a better life for their families, while others had to leave the homes and run to safety. With the increase comes a need for more professionals to handle the influx of immigrants which is why […]

Steppin’ It Up: Luxury Options for College Students

Some college students demand more luxury than others. Yet luxurious living spaces are often at a premium – or nonexistent – at college campuses across the country. Fortunately, luxurious apartments and dorm rooms can be found if you keep a few simple tips and tricks in mind. Better yet, many of these top quality college […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Join a DX-pedition

Have you heard about DX-peditions and are interested in them already? Historically (and note: there is a lot of history involved), DX-peditions have been off-limits to ‘amateur’ DX-ers and have stringent requirements that need to be attained before you would be able to join. While that may be the case for some of the more […]

5 Shockingly Easy ways to Upgrade your Resume

When the idea of updating your resume is mentioned, you can pretty much hear college students around the globe sigh in unison. However, upgrading and updating your resume doesn’t have to be the mammoth task you think it is. To prove it, we’ve listed 5 really simple ways you can improve your resume. They’re so […]

6 Effective Organization Solutions For The Frugal College Students

Staying organized during college is key to staying on top of your homework while managing to maintain good grades. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to go out and spend lots of money on organizational items to add to their room. If you’re one of the many frugal students out there, rest assured that getting organized […]

Student Income Tips and Guidelines

When you are in college and you just moved in, money will most often be pretty tight after the moving company completed the job. It really doesn’t matter what kind of college you enrolled in, the truth is you will still need to fight to make ends meet if you want to stay on top […]

Choosing Your College … and Degree!

Few decisions in your life will be more important than where you choose to go to college. As you are most likely already aware, the college that you earn your degree from will help to determine what jobs you will be able to get later in life. The more prestigious a college that you graduate […]

Campus Crisis: Tips to Stay Safe on the College Party Scene

Many people look back on their college years with fondness. It’s true that college will likely comprise some of the best years of your life, but that doesn’t erase the fact it also holds some big risks. The college party scene can be both exciting and dangerous, and you’ll need to know the basics of […]