Steppin’ It Up: Luxury Options for College Students

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  • Some college students demand more luxury than others. Yet luxurious living spaces are often at a premium – or nonexistent – at college campuses across the country.

    Fortunately, luxurious apartments and dorm rooms can be found if you keep a few simple tips and tricks in mind. Better yet, many of these top quality college living spaces can be found without breaking the bank. If it’s a combination of class and affordability you’re after, then our six tips below are for you.

    1. Focus on New Apartments

    It might seem a little counter-intuitive, but new complexes often offer the lowest rates on apartment rentals. And because they’re newly constructed, the units they contain are among the most luxurious around.

    According to, the reason these apartments tend to be cheaper than the rest is because the landlords are eager fill the units up. Empty rental units equal zero income and that’s never good from a business standpoint.

    2. Be Flexible

    Flexibility is key when it comes to your luxury apartment search. Though it is tempting for college students to look for apartments near campus, these tend to be the most expensive as well as the most rundown and overused. If at all possible, expand your search to neighbourhoods throughout the city.

    But flexibility means more than just the neighbourhood you’re looking in. It also means remaining flexible with moving dates. The beginning of the school year is when rentals are in peak demand. So it goes without saying they’re fewer and farther between at this point. Look for mid-semester move-ins if possible. You might just find a discounted move-in deposit on a luxury apartment.

    3. Think Amenities

    Before starting your apartment search, make a list of the amenities you want to have. Be very critical here and narrow down your list to those you just can’t live without. Whittle the list down as much as possible.

    For example, do you really need that swimming pool or fitness facility? If you don’t plan to use them, maybe you’ll be able to find a cheaper, yet just as luxurious, apartment at another complex without them. On the other hand, an on-site fitness facility might mean you can skip out on monthly gym fees if you exercise on a regular basis. Be critical and think through all of the options.

    4. Look at Private Landlords

    During your college years, it is especially easy to focus your apartment search on big complexes run by property management companies. These often have the most vacancies for students. Yet private landlords tend to offer the best deals.

    Private landlords are those homeowners that manage and lease only a couple of units. In many cases, these are houses or duplexes, but they can also include small apartment buildings.

    Because there are less hoops and hurdles to go through, their rental rates can be cheaper than those of professionally managed units. Privately managed rentals also tend to be better maintained than their mass managed counterparts.

    5. Consider Roommates

    Sure, living alone in a luxury apartment is just about as nice as it gets. But luxury almost always translates to a higher price tag. And not many college students are capable of forking over large sums of money for rent when more affordable options are available.

    Enter roommates. Living with a roommate or two is a great way to cut down on apartment costs. Because rent is naturally more affordable when split multiple ways, you might even be able to afford a more expensive apartment overall. In many cases, splitting rental costs with roommates even allows college students to rent a luxury house without breaking the bank.

    6. Spend More Money

    Our most simple and straightforward tip is to spend more money. If you demand luxury from your college apartment, then you have to go into it with an understanding that it will cost more upfront.

    Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. You’re going to have to find that extra rent money somewhere. If loans, financial assistance, or parental help can’t cover the increased cost of rent, consider picking up a part-time job. Students that are working tend to have quite a bit more flexibility when it comes to renting their dream college apartment.

    Think college living and the first thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly luxury. In fact, most people probably have a mental image of a cramped and cluttered dorm room. Yet that doesn’t have to be the case. By taking note of our six tips above, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find an apartment, dorm, or house with a little more breathing room and a whole lot more luxury.

    Isobel Ryan spends her day crunching numbers as a budget planner and likes to share her ideas on how to get the most out of your money. She regularly provides her insights online and writes for a number of different websites.

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