Helping Others While Helping Yourself

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  • There is no doubt that there are more and more immigrants coming to Canada than before. For some its wanting a better life for their families, while others had to leave the homes and run to safety. With the increase comes a need for more professionals to handle the influx of immigrants which is why many have enrolled at AOL Toronto, The Academy of Learning being the full name.

    What many are taking is the Immigration Consultant Course where students are prepared to learn practical and theoretical aspects of the profession which is needed to advise and represent immigrants before Citizenship as well as the Immigration and Refugee Board. The classes are led by instructors that are well versed in the field of immigration. Students will learn business skills in writing as well as being able to communicate verbally.

    Some areas which the course will cover are Family Sponsorship, Temporary Status, Refugee Protection, and Ethics and Professional Responsibility as well as others. Students will need to be detail-oriented, have strong analytical skills, be self-motivated, professional, as well as having excellent communication skills in reading, writing and verbally.

    The course will also focus on educating the students in the skills necessary to apply the knowledge they have learned to represent clients and be able to operate a successful immigration consultancy practice. In fact, some have successfully opened their own practice where they handle all aspects of immigration and in some cases provide a Personal Support Worker Program in Toronto, as well as other locations in Canada.

    They are well known for their ability to teach students the skills that are needed by providing courses in fields that employers are looking to hire. They will do everything they can to help their students find employment once they graduate. They have something called Worksite Externship which exposes students to a working environment where classroom instruction is put into practice. This enables the student to connect what they have learned in class with real life practical activities, which seems to have that cause and effect benefit that helps the students understand how it all works on the outside.

    For those who are worried about how much the course will cost, should call or visit the school on one of their Open Houses where they will provide information on financial assistance and grants that may be available. They have been providing the opportunity for those who are willing to make the effort and take the time to better themselves for more than 27 years.

    It is never easy deciding to go back to school and learn a new skill. For some, it has been many, many years since they have studied while others are busy working to feed their families. No matter what the situation may be, it is much better to work hard at something to succeed than it is to work hard trying not to fail.

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