Moving Checklist for Moving to College

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  • Going to college means needing to stay organized on a lot of levels, but this will be a good reason to prepare you for what comes ahead. The following examples will provide you with more information on what is needed to start moving. The examples ahead will provide you with a lot more information so you can make moving house to your dorm or somewhere else a lot easier before your year begins:

    Finding alternate solutions

    What does that mean? Well for starters, you should think about the fact that moving boxes will cost you a good bit at the end of the moving process. The easier way you can deal with this is to look for the potential for free boxes instead. The local stores will allow you to find more solutions to the problem. With a good bit of luck you will have a good chance to find some more decent boxes with variable sizes that you can make use of on moving day.

    Storing and packing your study supplies

    Packing less means you will of course need to move far fewer items. You would do well to start working on donating and decluttering some of the belongings in the weeks coming, packing and organizing all you need for the big day ahead. Making a checklist of the items you plan on taking along and the preparations you need before you call a moving company or something should be done with your family or alone if there is a need for it.

    Label the boxes you will move

    Get a sheet of paper and write down the items you plan on taking along. This will be a really necessary move you have to make since you will have an easier time unpacking and keeping track of all that needs to be done in the best way you can do it. With an inventory list you will have labeled items and boxes for an organized experience you can work with so you will have a chance to move on with the rest of the day.

    Dealing with the logistical side of the job

    If your dorm has a schedule for moving day, you will need to organize things with a moving company to allow you to get things rolling. You will either need to have a moving vehicle yourself or you can have the moving company do it for you. There are many questions you will need to ask yourself in the process, but do keep in mind that a lot of the potential responsibilities will be yours anyway.

    Making use of tools for the move

    You will need to have a small tool kit that helps you achieve things on moving day with ease. You will need to dismantle smaller pieces of furniture you plan on moving. You should look for ways you can place the loose bits into a bag and then tape them to the furniture so you won’t lose them.

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