How Much Money Can I Earn If I Study Marketing at University?

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  • Naturally everyone wants to know how much they could end up earning on their chosen field. We live in a very expensive world so money is always going to be an important consideration. What you need to remember is that marketing courses are extremely popular so you need to be pretty invested in marketing itself, and not just the salary, if you want to succeed.

    If you think you’re a born marketer then it’s fine to be curious about how much you can earn. If you are looking at marketing salaries purely because you want to earn the most money you can from whatever field then you may need to re-think.

    Working in marketing requires you to be passionate and energetic. You need to be creative but analytical. You also need to be self-motivated but equally at home working as part of a team. It’s not a career you can just wander into as a way of earning morning. That being said, if you’re dedicated marketing is an ever expanding field and there are many online sites, such which help people in fulfilling their marketing ambitions.

    What qualities are necessary to work in marketing?

    One of the foremost qualities you need to have to work in marketing is creativity. After all, you are going to be responsible for attracting interest in a particular brand or product. You need to have a creative mind to formulate ideas and plans that will make you stand out from all of those other brands you are competing against.

    Many larger businesses have marketing teams so you need to be completely comfortable working on projects with other people as well as being able to deliver a project alone when necessary. A big part of marketing is about understanding other people, so it makes sense that you need to have excellent interpersonal skills.

    There’s little point knowing about a potential customer base if you don’t know about the market you are operating in. That’s why all marketers are expected to be commercially savvy.  If you have all of this in one package then you can think about developing a successful marketing career and about what money you can earn as a result.

    So, how much can you earn?

    Like most jobs you will probably start out your marketing career in a role with less responsibility where you have the opportunity to do well and progress. Marketing assistants and research analysts for instance will earn on average $34,000 (£22,000) depending on location. Once you reach the level of marketing manager you will be looking at a salary of around $61,000 (£40,000) upwards, plus benefits. Again this can depend on your geographical location. Executive level posts usually come with a salary that is discussed during the recruitment process.

    If you are interested in a career in marketing then having the right attributes is the most important thing. If you don’t have them then you’re unlikely to be a good fit. If you do have them, then you can start thinking about the kind of salaries you can look forward to in the future.

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