6 Effective Organization Solutions For The Frugal College Students

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  • Staying organized during college is key to staying on top of your homework while managing to maintain good grades. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to go out and spend lots of money on organizational items to add to their room. If you’re one of the many frugal students out there, rest assured that getting organized doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.

    1. Online Coupons

    Instead of shopping at the student bookstore, which is often overpriced, look for online coupons. You can save on many items for your apartment by using Discountrue coupons found online. Whether you need desk organizers, storage bins or more, using online coupons for places like Kohl’s can help you save money.

    2. Recycle

    Before making final purchases on binders and folders, make sure they’re of sizes and colors that will allow you to reuse them in the future. With all courses only lasting half a year, the fewer binders you have to buy, the higher in the green you’ll remain.

    3. Apps

    More specifically, invest in free apps. Do your research and find out just how many physical things can be replaced with an app for your computer or your phone. Flashcards, for instance, are a great example. Plus, typing out your notes ends up being much faster, saving you time as well.

    4. Virtual Notes

    All of your notes for classes can and should be directly typed into a computer. This completely reduces how much paper you’ll need to buy. In addition, most note apps come with ways to automatically organize everything, making sticky-notes and highlighters last longer.

    5. Sticky Notes or Highlighters

    Choose one or the other. You don’t need both. Because textbooks are still prevalent, you will need a way to visually draw attention to important facts. Either highlight and dog ear pages or add sticky notes and underline text with a pen.

    6. Budget

    Always make sure you keep a running tally of everything you’ve spent and everything you can still spend. This way, in case of emergency organizational purchases, you’ll know exactly how much you can reasonably spend.

    With technology now so prominent in today’s world, almost everything can be done through electronics, making organization a much cheaper and more efficient task. As a college student trying to save money, focus on investing in as much free software as possible. Then, once you’ve finally succeeded in landing your dream job, donate to the companies that helped you succeed.

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