Student Income Tips and Guidelines

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  • When you are in college and you just moved in, money will most often be pretty tight after the moving company completed the job. It really doesn’t matter what kind of college you enrolled in, the truth is you will still need to fight to make ends meet if you want to stay on top of your studies as well in most cases. Read the following tips and see about ways you can make some money without putting your grades in danger:

    Applying for new grants and scholarships

    A lot of students nowadays happen to think they are only eligible for funding when they apply for admission at first. This is a mistake you don’t need to make. There are quite a few scholarship chances available for upperclassmen, though they will not always be widely advertised. You can also work on applying for external scholarships and grants, which will be different and offered from groups well outside the school you are currently in. You should start by scoping out the bulletin boards on campus and by checking out for e-mail announcements. You can look for more online with funding opportunities by downloading some apps that work on that.

    Offering your services as a tutor

    This is one of the best ways you learn about the subject – by teaching it. Becoming a tutor means you will have a chance to hone your knowledge of your studies, while at the same time performing a great service to others and making some money in the process. It happens to be a great scenario all around. You can also get paid through the school to tutor other students in classes you’re already gone through, so you can advertise your services. If you want to find tutoring opportunities, you will need to talk to your professors; your advisor or you can go to the tutoring center of your university.

    Get paid to take notes

    You can do a lot of good by taking careful and thorough notes during your classes, and then you can take advantage of them when you move forward. There is good sense in making sure your efforts will pay off.   It will be fairly common that special agreements will need to be made for students with learning disabilities, assigning them to a note taker (usually an anonymous one). These positions are usually compensated, which means you can make some pretty decent money per hour of class. Make sure you take careful notes, typing them up and e-mailing them or dropping them off at disability services. You should watch for e-mails asking for note-takers. Fellow student needs will be documented, so disability services will contact the professors and they may ask for volunteers for the job.

    Advertise your services yourself

    You can contain disability services directly if you see people don’t need note-takers in your courses. You can advertise the services you offer to fellow classmates for various reasons, so consider that as well. You can do this when you end up moving house to your university area. Once the movers are done with the job you can check around with your classmates.

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