Six Tips To Stay in Good Standing With The School And The Law While In College

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  • College is a fun and exciting time for students to embark on the journey of establishing their independence while exploring all the opportunities and experiences that college campuses have to offer. Although this is a time for experimental and positive growth, some students often forget that they are there to gain an education that will make a significant impact on their future and end up making a poor decision that could cost them their future. Whether you’re a newly enrolled freshman, or coming back for your second degree, here are a few tips to help keep a good standing not only with the university, but the law as well.

    Respect campus property

    Not only should students respect campus property, but any property for that matter. Whether you’re on or off campus, pay attention to the rules and regulations that have been put in place by the establishment. These are here for a reason, and are usually installed to keep the students and faculty safe.

    Go to class

    In order to maintain a good standing on campus, students are required to attend classes. Don’t lose sight of what brought you to college by oversleeping or missing important assignments. Attendance can have a significant impact on your grades and missing too many classes can lead to failing grades and missed opportunities.

    Avoid drugs and the overconsumption of alcohol

    The National Institutes of Alcohol and Alcoholism released a record stating that at least 1,825 college students between the ages of 18 to 25 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries including motor vehicle crashes. It also revealed that college drinking was shown to lead to other dangerous mishaps such as assault and sexual abuse. All in all, be mindful of your actions especially if you decide to get behind the wheel. A DWI charge could involve jail time, fines and probation, according to attorney Josh Johnson in Minneapolis. Make sure there is always a sober driver or a safe way to get home. College is a time for you to transition into adulthood and that means taking responsibility for your actions. Don’t drink and drive.

    Pay attention to copyright laws

    Do not steal or plagiarize someone else’s work. Universities can take legal action against students who claim other’s work as their own. If you’re struggling with an assignment, there are many on-campus resources that are willing to help students with their work.

    Be discreet on social media

    Students are allowed to post whatever they want on their personal social media accounts, but they should be mindful of the material in which they post. Anything that sheds a negative light on them or the university could not only harm their standing with the school, but with employment in the future. Students should refrain from posting any material where they are participating in illegal activities or actions that could be harmful to others.

    Abide by campus security codes and law enforcement

    This one is simple, if the campus or an officer does not allow it, don’t do it. If the campus does not allow alcohol on their premises whatsoever, then it’s probably a good idea that you follow that rule than take the chance of being kicked off campus or even the institution. Following the rules will save you from having to deal with a chain of undesirable consequences.

    It usually isn’t difficult to keep a good standing with the law or university while in college. It is as simple as making responsible choices and being aware of your surroundings. If students apply these six tips they should be well on their way to a successful college experience.

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