How to Get a Student Visa in the U.S.

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  • Why do they call America the home of the brave? Perhaps it is because you have to be very brave if you are going to try to get a student visa in this country. It is not that it can’t happen. But as you might imagine, there are a number of hoops to jump through before you can achieve your goal.

    The U.S. is a highly regulated country, as are they all. It is also a country that many people want to enter for reasons not necessarily in the best interests of the country. Therefore, if you want to get your hands on a legitimate U.S. student visa, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances:

    Make It Easy for them to Say ‘Yes’

    Fair or not, with sentiment running against immigration, it is far too easy for the relevant authorities to say ‘no’ to a visa request. You have to present an application that gives them less reason to say ‘no,’ and more reason to say ‘yes.’ The most basic consideration is presenting the application in English: the native language of the U.S.

    When I talk about your application, I don’t just mean the official forms you have to fill out. I mean everything, including all of the supporting documentation that goes with it. Translate your transcript and/or diploma, and everything else you will have to present with the application. By doing this, You will save time, and make it a lot easier on the officials who have to review the application.

    Know the Rules

    As with any complicated procedure, your best chance of getting through it successfully is to thoroughly know the rules for the thing you want to do. There is a reason there are legal experts to help you with this process. Anytime there is a special field of law devoted to a thing, there is reason to study up on it before diving in.

    The first and best place to look for information about student visas is the federal government’s student visa website. You cannot obtain what you don’t fully understand. And you cannot understand a complex legal procedure that you do not thoroughly research. Your first act of being a student in the U.S. is to learn what it takes to be a student in the U.S.

    Learn the Language

    One of the main reasons student visas are denied is that the applicant cannot demonstrate a working knowledge of English. By learning the language, students from another country may end up with a better command of American English, as the language is typically mangled by native speakers. Beyond the fact that it is a requirement, it is also a matter of respect to learn the language of the place you will be living for the next four to eight years.

    Prove You Can Afford It

    One of the last things anyone in America wants is for someone to enter the country, only to represent yet another mouth to feed. We don’t even like it when citizens end up on the public dole. While Americans will generally help when they see people in need, that is not the purpose of a student visa. A formal education in the U.S. can be rather expensive. If you don’t come prepared for that, your application is almost certain to be denied.

    You Must Pass the Background Check

    Since 9/11, the U.S. has a been under a heightened stated of security, especially as it relates to people entering under student visa. It goes without saying that if you have something in your background that raises security red flags, you will have to clean that up before submitting your application.

    You Have to Show Intent to Return Home

    A student visa is not a permanent visa. If you want to get your education here, you have to prove to the approving officer that you fully intend to return home. An student visa is not a way to escape political or religious persecution. If the authorities believe you are not serious about going back home once the visa period is over, they will reject your application.

    Getting a good education is a laudable goal regardless of where you happen to be from. But a laudable goal is not enough to get it done. You have to play it smart. And at the end of the day, that is the best criteria for getting a student visa.

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