5 Tips for Effective Mobile Marketing in 2016

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  • With the ever increased use of mobiles and internet, mobile marketers have to be extremely aware and active to be successful in their field. There are many advantages of marketing through mobiles. Some of them include cutting down of costs, the ease of monitoring and tracking, customization according to the requirements of the potential customers, use of lesser manpower and other resources, and better streamlining of business. Apart from the tips mentioned below, you can also look into mobile marketing courses to become a successful marketing strategist.

    Use of effective keywords

    You must use effective keywords in mobile marketing as you do in internet marketing. There are different keywords for different products and services. You must scrutinize the customer behavior and choose your keywords accordingly. Mobile is even faster than computer these days. If you fail to attract the attention of your potential customer even for a second, the person is probably gone forever.

     Sending emails

    Most people these days prefer to get detailed messages on their phones via emails. Firstly, you should not spam the inbox of your customer with your daily emails. Secondly, whichever email you send, it must be compatible on mobile devices. If you choose very heavy graphics that might clog the display of the screen of the user, he will never open your email again.

    Moreover, you can provide a link in the email to give a missed call to you for further enquiries. And, you must diligently call back the person for further marketing.

    Easy access to the landing pages

    Your marketing pages lead the customer to the landing page of your website. Make sure that the landing pages should be conveniently accessible. If you are marketing for a shopping website, it may become frustrating for the customer to look for products on a mobile. He may switch to other applications or websites for solving his purpose. Thus, your landing pages must be optimized according to the requirements of the smart phones.

    Learn from the success of big brands

    You might be struggling to promote your brand via mobile marketing. But, the big brands have already mastered it. You can also learn from the success of such brands to alleviate your brand value. When the value of your brand increases, customers are automatically pulled to make a purchase for your products or services. For example, you can introduce mobile applications, gift cards, loyalty cards, and wish list without making an account, compare prices, etc.

    Do not waste your money on failed strategies

    Unless you have a life transforming idea to use a failed strategy, do not use it. When you are planning to introduce a new application or an advertisement, you should do your research if the same thing has been already tried by someone else in the market. If the other person has not achieved marked success in the same, it is highly probable that people are not interested in the idea. Do some market research before throwing in your investments into an idea.

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