Five Creative Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids This Summer

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  • When summer comes, your children want something fun and creative to do.

    However, you are normally the one who is left to come up with the ideas.

    You have reached the end of your ideas, so you come to the Internet as most people eventually do.

    However, here are five ideas for activities you can do with your children this summer.

    Paper Towel Butterflies

    These turn out a lot more beautifully that you might assume from the name. For this creation, you will need some paper towels, food coloring, water, and pipe cleaners. The paper towels should be plain, and the pipe cleaners can be of any color.

    You will need to fold the paper towel in half again and again until it is a small square that is 1/16 the size you started out with. Then mix a few drops of food coloring in a bowl of water, using a separate bowl for each food color. Next, dip each folded corner briefly in the food color of your child’s choice. They may need help doing this. Simply confirm that they are not dipping the paper towel in too deep. Leaving some white space is okay too.

    After letting them dry, you can use a pipe cleaner to scrunch the paper towel together in butterfly format. Now your children have a fun butterfly to play with!

    Table Hammock

    Use a large sheet or tablecloth and tie it around the table so that one end hangs underneath and the other side has a huge knot above the table. Now, your child (up to five or six years old), can sit in the hammock under the table and have a special spot to use their imagination.

    Fabric Marker Art

    Buying fabric markers and a T-shirt for your children enables them to decorate their own clothes. You can guide them in creating simple designs or simply let them go for it. Fabric markers like these are great fun for kids, because they are encouraged to do something that is normally forbidden: draw on clothing. That is one reason children enjoy them so much. The best thing is that they will actually wear their creation, proudly showing it off.


    If your child is an artist, try this technique to make even a toddler’s art appear unique. Use some tape to cover strips of canvas. This can be in a pattern, such as the first letter of their name, or anything else you have in mind. Now, let your child paint as much as they want on the canvas. When it has dried, take the strips of tape off, and you have some wall art.


    Buy a bag of magnets, and you can stick them on anything metallic: shapes, buttons, superhero figurines, etc. Give your child a cookie sheet, and now they can tell a story, create a puzzle, or just have fun moving the magnets around.

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