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How to Ensure Success in Your Online Degree

Although taking an online degree definitely comes with a range of benefits and advantages for students, succeeding with an online university degree course often takes a lot of work. Studying online is likely to be significantly different to any kind of classroom learning that you have undertaken in the past, and knowing what to expect […]

Busy Parent? Get Your Degree Online

For busy students, online degree programs are sent from above. They allow you to attend college, get a degree, and maintain your work and home lives at the same time. Online courses are especially convenient if you’ve just had a new baby. Bonding with your baby is your top priority, but getting a degree could […]

Business Economics Degree: Top Advantages

Pursuing a business economics degree can lead to work as an economist in the United States or abroad. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for economists was $91,860 per year in 2012 with most positions requiring candidates to have at least a master’s degree. Before you choose your graduate school, […]