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Why Use SAMR Model for Class Activities?

The SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) model explains how technology is changing the ways students learn in their classroom. In the modern world of technology, students are using eBooks, tablets, smart phones and other digital devices to learn in a smarter way. These innovative devices allow the students to learn typical things clearly that are […]

Addressing Security Concerns In The New Educational Paradigms

The recent incident of Edward Snowden and the issue of data surveillance has led many to demand increased regulations within the internet ecosphere. Over the years, the internet has grown with virtually no checks and balances, and the popularization of social media has also led to widespread usage of online platforms in different industries, including […]

5 Must-Have Skills for 21st Century Teachers

Recent advances in technology have brought rapid change to many fields, and teaching is most definitely one of them. 21st century teachers have more options than ever to connect with students and facilitate learning, but they’ll need a new set of skills to do it. Today’s teachers need to be sensitive to the changing demographics […]