Why Use SAMR Model for Class Activities?

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  • The SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) model explains how technology is changing the ways students learn in their classroom. In the modern world of technology, students are using eBooks, tablets, smart phones and other digital devices to learn in a smarter way. These innovative devices allow the students to learn typical things clearly that are not feasible by conventional tools of teaching. If you’re a student and yearn to learn in an effective way, you should learn about SAMR model. Review the four steps shared in this article to know the usage of SAMR Model in the classroom activates.


    In the initial step, we will discuss about Substitution method for implementing technology in the classroom. Substitution is when technology is used as a substitute for traditional style teaching. When a teacher uses substitution method of technology in classroom s/he teaches the same task with the tools of technology without any modification. In this level the teacher allows the students to use smart phones or any other device to record new notes instead of paper and pencil. In this way the student performs the same class activity by using the tools of technology. You can also use substitution level technology to learn in a smarter way without changing the theme of the topic.


    At second step students use Augmentation method for devoting technology in class activities. Augmentation allows some technological benefits to students in their classroom activities but in a limited way. The activity has not completely performed with digital equipment, but slightly helps the students. In Augmentation method students are allowed to use online dictionary and grammar checkers to perform their class activities properly. If are professor use augmentation method, then you will be slightly benefited by the booming technologies. So, in Augmentation you can engage technology tools in your class activities but in a limited way.


    Modification level enables students to use technologies for carrying out class activities. Now students are allowed to use digital devices to learn in a modernize way. Digital devices facilitate the students with audio & video options. In Modification step students can modify their traditional way of teaching by implementing innovative technologies for effective learning. Additionally by implementing technologies in your class activities you can learn in an interesting way that is not possible with the traditional way of learning. If you want to enjoy your new class lessons then modify your learning method by adopting the modern technologies.


    In Redefinition method student’s uses technology to learn in a classroom that was inconceivable without technology. It is seen that students need modern devices to learn some critical chapters in a clear manner. Many college classes are equipped with projectors to teach students in depth about their important chapter. Redefinition method is enabling the student to learn with the interesting tools of technology.
    In this way, you can implement the different stages of technology in your class activities to learn in a smarter manner that is not inconvincible by traditional way of teaching. Students are using digital technologies to enhance their knowledge and to understand complex lessons easily.

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