4 Dos & Don’ts of Writing an Effective Dissertation Conclusion

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  • Conclusions for a dissertation can be the most complicated part, especially if it is a dissertation proposal we are talking about.

    Conclusion basically ends the dissertation by framing the whole body of the research in a complete manner, which is why it is all the more important to be thought provoking.

    A well-written conclusion lets the reader know why all the information and analysis you pulled through really matter.

    Tips You Should Stick To When Writing a Dissertation Proposal Conclusion

    Keeping just a few pointers in mind can help you write a brilliant conclusion for your dissertation. Writing an effective dissertation requires core skills, without which you may be an essay writer mere but not dissertation writer. In this regard, order thesis online when needed. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how we can make our conclusion super impressive.

    • Discuss Your Argument Once Again In A Subtle Manner
      Although it is not wise to repeat your thesis all over again, you can still discuss the argument you presented in a more general form. You need to let your readers know that you came with an argument, you observed and you conquered.
    • Draw A Bigger Picture Of Your Thesis For The Readers
      Let your readers know the importance of your work by discussing it in a larger context. Let them know why you chose the topic in the first place, why it was important to you, what you learned during the progress and how your results are significant for the society.
    • Offer Possible Suggestions &Solutions
      Through your dissertation, you must have opened a new door to an argument at a whole new level. So, let your readers know if there are possible solutions for the future or similar suggestions that might help your readers who are interested in researching similar to carry your argument forward.
    • Leave A Powerful Impact By The End Of Your Dissertation
      Anecdotes and quotations can be a great way to end a dissertation. Pick something that completely sums up your entire thesis in a few sentences. You can also include an illustrative example or a succinct infographic to deliver your message in a positive manner.

    Actions You Should Avoid When Writing a Dissertation Conclusion

    Try to avoid the following actions when you write a conclusion in order to maintain the effectiveness of your dissertation.

    • Do Not Be Ignorant or Enforcing
      A conclusion will never be impressive if you are going to write in a tone that pushes your ideas forward. You need to let your readers decide and make an opinion about your thesis on their own. You might even be questioned for it, but face the constructive criticism instead of taking the “My Way or The Highway” approach.
    • Avoid Turning Your Thesis into a Thriller
      Some writers like to keep the mystery mode on during the entire thesis, trying to build up the whole background and setting for the final outcome of the argument they have achieved; avoid taking a similar approach. You are writing an analytical piece of work. Do not try to charm your readers at the end of the paper. It is better to open up and state your main objection before you conclude your dissertation, rather than doing it after the conclusion.
    • Avoid Adding Emotional Narrative
      It is a good thing that you are sad that your dissertation has ended, but do not conclude your paper with over excessive emotions and sentiments. Your dissertation was based on analytical and logical reasoning. Try to keep your tone formal, and be sophisticated about your topic.
    • Avoid Random Opinions and Thoughts
      Do not go for a conclusion in which you try to add a new opinion which you did not discuss in the dissertation itself. Do not add random tidbits and thoughts in a conclusion, as you will end up only confusing the readers more.

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