What You Should Do Now To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired After You Graduate

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  • Every college graduate gets anxious near graduation. They wonder if they will get a job after graduation, what kind of job, and where will it be located. While these are all valid concerns for a college grad, there are many things you can do now, while you are in college, to ensure a job post graduation.

    While You’re in College

    First and foremost, it’s important that you choose a college that offers you the essential tools to gain employment during and after you graduate. You should look for colleges with a career center. They can assist in resume writing, finding internships, and general career counseling. They should also offer tutoring services and jobs fairs. Many institutions use these college services to help students reach their goals, and it’s important that you find out what programs and resources are available.

    Choosing the right major is also important. While you may love playing music, it might be a good career choice for your wants and needs. You want to make sure to choose a major that leads to a concrete job. While music certainly has opportunities for performance, teaching and more, consider if it’s something you want to do for your career. Consider majors that are in high demand and pay well, like engineering or nursing. Do your research, and try a few different classes to find out what you like. Know what fields are in demand and which ones are flooded with qualified people. A little research can save you a lot of heartache in the end.

    You may also want to consider becoming fluent in a second language. As the world market closes in through the internet, being skillful in a second language is becoming more and more valuable. Like never before, companies are finding their customers are different nationalities. Companies are increasingly seeking bilingual employees. Consider taking language classes or studying abroad to help you learn a new language better.


    For today’s college student, internships are imperative. Some companies won’t even hire recent grads without a valid internship. Internships offer you a view of the real business world, which is very different from a text book view. It also gives you connections in the business world. These become imperative to your job search after you graduate.

    Keep an open mind to the location of jobs you are considering. Limiting your job area severely limits your job options. Many states have better job markets than others. Even other countries may provide a better job prospect for what you want to consider. Keeping a wide range of prospects increases the odds that you will land a job.

    Gain as much real-world experience as possible. Take part-time jobs related to the career path you want to pursue. Never discount real experience in the business world. The earlier you take your “real” job, the quicker you get your foot in the door. Many very successful people have started in low level positions and worked their way up.

    Social Media

    Keep professional LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. These days, it’s a given, that potential employers are going to search for your profile on social media. Make sure your profiles are professional and clean and showcases your experience and expertise.

    Make sure you also search for job prospects on LinkedIn. You want to increase all networks, including social media, as much as possible to land a job.

    There are many ways to help your chances of landing a job after graduation. Planning now can pay off later. Explore every path necessary to ensure a good paying job.

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