Easy Ways To Simplify The Moving Process

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  • Headed to a new home? You don’t have to tear your hair out during the moving process. Here are just four ways that you can make relocation simple, convenient and fuss-free.

    Start a Binder

    Your smartphone just isn’t enough to keep track of all your lists, receipts, schedules, itineraries and phone numbers. What if your realtor hands you a revised lease? What if your DMV requires a tangible change-of-address form? A binder will keep track of everything where electronics can’t, and it will also serve as an excellent organizational tool with its folders, tabs and subdivisions. You won’t lose any important documents when you have a central location for all of them.

    Transfer Your Services in Advance

    No one wants to walk into a darkened home on their first day of arrival. A week before you move, start calling the utility and cable companies to have your services transferred to your new location. Give them ample time to set up a new satellite dish or get serviceman out to your home for installations. If you’re on a tight deadline yourself, you can also outsource everything to subscription transfer services instead of calling each company individually.

    Hire a Local Moving Company

    Many people hire movers to help them with packing, shipping or hauling their possessions, yet not everyone takes the time to find Bergen County movers, like those at Moving of America, which is to their detriment. Proximity matters when you’re paying for moving services by the hour or the mile! Stick to someone within 10-20 miles of your new home in order to cut costs and save yourself future hassle.

    Pack Efficiently

    Never just throw your belongings into a box with the belief that "I’ll sort through them later." For starters, take pictures of all your electronics before you dismantle them; this will keep you from confusing the cords when you’re re-installing TVs and computer networks in your new home. You might also want to color coordinate your boxes with markers or tape to keep the kitchen utensils clearly identified from the bathroom supplies. Some people even eschew boxes completely for clear plastic tubs where all possessions can be easily seen and cataloged.

    These are just a few easy ways to simplify the moving process. Don’t let anyone tell you that relocation has to be a stressful thing: With advanced planning and a good schedule, you can move into your new home without fuss and with a whole new life ahead of you.

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