Why Teenagers Should Get a Job

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  • Many teenagers start thinking about their future plans to go to college.

    If they want to get into their school of choice where there is a lot of competition, having a part-time job to put on a college application will be helpful.

    Most teenagers are not going to have much to write on a resume so they should consider using a well-written cover letter when applying for a job.

    Writing a winning message that can grab the attention of a hiring manager can help teens get noticed.  Cover letters matter and can make the difference between getting an interview or not.

    Teaches Responsibility

    Teenagers who work need to be more responsible than those who don’t. They have to make sure they get to work on time, figure out a way to get to and from their job, and will have to make a lot of their own decisions.

    Learn the Value of a Dollar

    There is no better way to teach the value of money to a teenager than them having to wash dishes, wait on tables, mow lawns, or stack shelves to get paid. They will end up being a lot more careful with their money when they realize what it takes to earn it and might think twice before buying something extravagant that they don’t need.

    It’s very easy to ask your parents for money to go to a movie, to buy new clothes, or to buy a new electronic device. It is important for teenagers to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees. Real life’s lessons begin when teenagers start earning their own money and stop relying on their parents. They will be forced to learn about responsible money management and will think twice before making purchases.

    Get Experience

    When teens become adults who need to work for a living, the experience of having held down a part-time job will help them when it’s time to transition to a full-time job.

    This experience will also look good on a college application or on a resume. Having work experience demonstrates that you can successfully balance different aspects of your life.

    Learn How to Manage Your Time

    Life is a balancing act. and the sooner a teen learns how to do this effectively, the more prepared they will be for their future.
    By getting a job, they will need to be able to effectively balance school, homework, their part-time job, and their social life. They will also learn how to prioritize and make the best use of their time.

    Learn New Skills

    Most part-time jobs teenagers will be able to get will be in industries that pay minimum wage for lower level work. But the value of working is well-worth the effort.

    Working as a waiter or waitress will teach teens how to deal with others, sometimes difficult customers, and often how to deal with stress in a professional manner. Working in a diner during lunch hour can be very hectic where people are in a hurry to get back to work.
    Teens will need to learn how to handle this stress politely if they don’t want to get fired. This is a valuable and transferable life lesson.

    Part-time jobs may serve as an introduction to industries that are of interest for the teens’ future. For example, a teen who has a job helping out a car mechanic might realize that he really loves what he does. This could make him decide that he wants to learn how to be a car mechanic after graduating high school.

    Becoming a Team Player

    Most jobs for teenagers require them to work in a group environment. Learning how to work as a team in a collaborative manner is very important for one’s future.

    Whether they decide to go to a university or a trade school after high school, they will need to know how to work well with others and work together towards a common goal.

    Transition to Adulthood

    Teens who can hold down a part-time job and get good grades in school will be better equipped for their future responsibilities than those who do not have a job.

    They will be getting practice on how to be independent and self-reliant, both necessary skills to be a successful adult.

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