Tips for Riding Your Bike Around Campus During the Winter

Tips for Riding Your Bike Around Campus During the Winter

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  • Riding a bike is a fantastic way to get around quickly, but weather conditions can sometimes be less than ideal.

    Winter is a challenging season for riding a bike, but those who cannot afford a car might not have other options.

    Thankfully, there are ways to make bike travel faster and safer when the weather gets cold. Here are a few tips for riding your bike around campus during the winter.

    Make Sure To Dress Appropriately

    The best way to stay warm while you ride your bike outdoors is to wear the right clothing. If you live in a cold environment, you most likely already have what you need to keep warm during the winter.

    However, sometimes clothes that are too bulky can make it difficult to ride, so try to dress in layers to trap heat while retaining mobility. Leg warmers are critical for keeping your knees in ideal cycling condition. Your knees are the worst body part to expose to cold air when cycling during the winter.

    Consider How Strong the Wind Will Be Before Riding

    Strong winds are dangerous when you are trying to keep your balance. This is especially true when snow or ice makes the ground slippery.

    Before you leave home, plan your route out and try to bike into a headwind on your way there and a tailwind for the ride home.

    Wind not only makes it more difficult to ride outside, but it also lowers the temperature. Wear appropriate attire if your local news predicts strong winds.

    Ride With a Buddy When You Can

    Since overall riding conditions are more dangerous during winter, you will want to ride with a friend to ensure that both of you stay safe.

    Even if you don’t have any current friends who ride bikes on campus, see if one of your classmates uses a bike and ask them if you can ride together on your way to class.

    Not only will this keep both of you safe, but it can make the activity more pleasurable for both of you.

    Keep Your Bike in Top Condition

    Riding your bike through the sleet, snow, and salt can take a toll on the mechanical components of your vehicle, so make sure to repair it if you damage it. Maintaining your bike prolongs its lifespan and keeps you safer.

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    Regularly take it into a bike shop for routine adjustments to the chain, brakes, gears, and rims so that it stays in good shape. Adding lubricant to the chain can prevent rust from forming and make your bike travel faster, so you should apply it regularly to reap these benefits.

    Riding a bike during the winter can be punishing, but you shouldn’t have too many problems if you take the proper precautions. Now that you know some of the best tips for riding your bike around campus during the winter, you can get around quickly and safely.

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