The Next Step: 4 Tips for Finding a Job after Finishing School

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  • When you finish school you are usually intent on finding your dream job at the company you have dreamed of working for in the industry you have been interested in for many years.

    However, what you will probably find is you are one of the thousands of graduates looking to get their foot in the door of the same company in the same industry.

    Being prepared for the battle that is finding a job in your chosen industry can be tough but you can make things a little easier for yourself by taking a few simple steps.

    Don’t Be in a Hurry

    For most of us, our working life will begin when we are in our early 20s and just finished college and will extend through another forty to fifty years.

    If you look at the big picture of your life you can afford to spend a few months looking for an entry into the right industry or the right company to achieve the aims you have for your future.

    By rushing into taking a job in the wrong industry you may miss the perfect job to launch the career you have always wanted.

    Look at the Industry

    Whether you decide to enter your chosen industry by working with staffing offices or striking out on your own you will probably struggle to get an entry-level job at the company of your choice.

    Instead, you should concentrate on finding a job in the industry you have chosen and working your way towards your dream company. By beginning work in your chosen industry, you can build your reputation and seek the job of your dreams a little further down the line.

    Talk to Friends and Family

    When we leave college we often believe the most important thing is what we know instead of who we know. The truth is often a little different with most employers still trusting the classic referral from a friend or family member above the perfect resume or cover letter. Combining your skills with the referral of a friend or family member may just secure your dream job.

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    Don’t Set Your Sights Too High

    When we leave college we usually feel we have all the skills needed to start our career at the very top of an industry. In reality, you may have to settle for a lower-level job and work your way up to your dream position by proving your worth to an employer. Don’t feel discourage if this is the route you need to take. It’s actually rare to find your perfect high-paying job right out of school.

    Finding your dream job will take time. You can speed up the process and jump into the job market right after school though. Remember the above four tips while job hunting to increase your chances of success.

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