Tips for Surviving Post-Grad Life

surviving post grad life

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  • Thinking about what to do after you graduate can paralyze and overwhelm you with the stress of the unknown.

    The next stage of your life should be exciting, not something to dread.

    If it’s time for you to sort out the next steps, we’ve got some tips for surviving post-grad life, so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

    Start Budgeting

    Money can be one of the most difficult things to figure out as a young adult since it might not have been something you’ve had to think about until now. Consider your monthly expenses and write them all down.

    If you don’t have expenses yet, have a goal in mind of where you want to be in the future. Total things like gas expenses, bills, and future rent and compare those expenses to your monthly net income.

    There are even apps you can download to further calculate your budget. Your bank might even be able to provide budgeting help.

    Don’t Avoid Your Loans

    The scariest post-college fears arise from the school loans. Six months after you graduate, you will start having to make payments on these loans. However, there are programs and services in place to help you pay them off efficiently.

    Many of these programs account for low income. Some of the most common mistakes come from a simple lack of knowledge—that isn’t your fault.

    Remember that if you don’t make loan payments you will accrue interest over time, expanding your loan’s cost. Try to pay a little bit each month if you can to avoid big interest accumulations.

    Job Recruiters and Temp Agencies

    If you’re unemployed or underemployed right out of college, a recruiting or temp agency can help you out immensely. Many careers require you to have experience which is frustrating to deal with as a new graduate.

    These agencies help fill the gap by providing you with the job that’s a good fit for you to gain experience in the industry that you want to work in. Just because a position is advertised to be temporary doesn’t mean that you can’t be hired full-time!

    other valuable tips:

    Often, if an employer likes you and your work ethic, they can hire you full-time. If things don’t work out, you can get another temp job or use the experience you got from that job to expand your resumé.

    Keep Your Resumé Updated

    Resumés are what potential employers see of any job candidate before they even interview these candidates. If you don’t think you have enough experience to fill out a healthy resumé, try to squeeze the most out of your experiences so far.

    One of the best tips for surviving post-grad life is to stay confident! Confidence looks good to any employer as long as you aren’t arrogant.

    Give yourself the most amount of credit possible on paper. Anything that may seem like a minor achievement to you might look big to an employer, so keep your mind open!

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