Top 15 Reasons Why Education is Extremely Important

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  • You have the ability to read and write and know how to sign documents, pay bills and send emails – so you think you are educated?

    Well for a start you need to know that there is difference in being educated and being literate.

    Education digs deeper into your soul and brings the real you out. It allows you to understand the purpose of life, making you realize your hidden potentials and how your body could function to serve the mankind or society in general.

    This is one thing that differentiates us form robots – who can read and write too. So lets look at the basic reasons that make education extremely important and why we need more of educated people rather than literate ones.

    1. Self–realization:
      Even many successful businessmen and rich tycoons complain of a huge vacuum in life. They are often seen whining about not having enough and are seeking for something better always. Well, an educated person never ever approaches things in this fashion and instead choses the path to self-realization. What contents hearts from within is the achievement of permanent happiness in life. Education allows one to achieve this goal!
    2. Communicate effectively:
      Talking to people with a certain accent, revealing to them your heavy vocabulary shall never fulfill the true purpose of communication. If you intend to convey to your audience something with reasoning you shall foremost understand it yourself and that can only happen if you have the right knowledge to do so.
    3. Overcoming superstitions:
      Long gone are the times when black cats and broken glasses were thought of as bad omens. People who still believe in these things can never drag themselves out of old school frameworks. A man who is educated knows how to reject all these superstitions and only support logic that is backed by scientific evidences.
    4. Accepting situations with rationale:
      The point discussed just above had lead to the destruction of many societies in medieval times. When man realized the importance of science he started presenting rationale to situations, which helped in saving billion lives. Take for example the sacrifices which were made in the notion of God’s wrath seem completely pointless in times today.
    5. Awareness:
      A person throwing a wrapper on the street instead of the trashcan exhibits a deeper problem than just some careless attitude. It shows his ignorance for the society on the whole, for example if a person is educated he will be well aware of the pollution such garbage causes and thinks twice before doing any such act. Land and water pollution is indeed a long-term problem that affects not only mankind but also wildlife disturbing the eco-system on the whole.
    6. Improves decision-making:
      An educated person knows how to make sane and profitable decisions as he takes into evaluation all the pros and cons . Even if things don’t turn out in his favor initially he still sticks to his decision waiting for the time to progress. People who lack the proper education to manage certain situations end up wasting others time and efforts both.
    7. Healthy life:
      Long gone are the times when people died of pneumonia or some bacterial infection. Medical advancements have changed the course of human life and now people are also aware of the foods they are allergic to . Hence research shows that the life span of an educated person is longer as he knows how to take better care of himself.
    8. Ethics improved:
      Man has learnt to be more tolerant with the passage of times and behaviors are now more governed by education rather than anger or fires of revenge. Education has played a vital role in bringing about this change in human nature which is one reason 21st century has not seen any deadly wars or battles.
    9. Independence:
      An educated man refrains form spreading his palm in front of others. The germ of independence gets live in any person once he has the power of knowledge as he knows even if his past was lived in slums, his future has to be spent in a better place. Hence an independent man will not submit to the hardships of life that easily.
    10. Equality:
      This is very important, in particular with regard to gender discrimination and racial issues. An educated person understands that every man has an equal right to live a respectable life and shall not be judged on the basis of gender, color, religion , creed or race. That is why we also see an end to slavery of women and see them prospering in various economic and educational fields.
    11. Difficult situations:
      One major benefit of education is the ability to struggle in harder times. Where A non-educated person will end up deviating from the right path, a strong educated person will find out ways to strive in difficult times and will never turn to crimes or illegal activities.
    12. Keeps you safe:
      Yes, It is very difficult to cheat an educated person, as he knows instantly if someone is trying to take undue advantage of him. Frauds and scams try cheating people by making them sign illegal documents and mugging them by different means, but an educated man knows how to differentiate!
    13. Improvement of society:
      One biggest benefit of education is the prosperity of society. A nation that is educated contributes in the improvement of society by fulfilling responsibilities of a citizen properly and helping others learn and develop for a greater good.
    14. Promotes art and culture:
      These two things are an asset of a nation hence education allows their preservation and people having more awareness of natural resources tend to think about future before taking measures to destroy them.
    15. Goal oriented:
      A man who knows how to achieve goals has a stronger background of knowledge as not only his education keeps him persistent in his efforts but allows him to make SMART goals at work and life both.

    Therefore education serves as an important pillar of a society and it plays a vital role in development of individuals on personal and professional levels.

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